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After getting into it with the judge during a game of basketball, Will is concerned this week that the man in charge of his firm's murder case is biased. Therefore, he tries to show this to the jury in order to win favor, but it doesn't matter in the end.

He and Alicia's client is found guilty, with the jury foreman admitting afterward that none of their tactics worked. The guy was simply guilty.

Elsewhere, a lot went down. Including:

- Will learned that Bond had been doing background checks on everyone. He also made Blake Kalinda's supervisor. Combined with the fact that Bond was bringing in a "super pack" of investors with $100 million, Will had the feeling that Bond was getting him to help force out Diane, and then would eventually force Will out, too.

As a result, Will had a frank discussion with Diane, told her about the $100 million and they agreed to pretend that Will was on board with Bond when, in reality, they would team up down the line and boot him out.

- Eli also faced a rival at work, as Peter's mom essentially hired a consultant to help raise money. But thanks to some advice from Alicia, Eli was able to take control of the campaign again.

- Diane offered Cary a job at the firm. He said he would take it, as long as it comes with a major raise and he is placed above Alicia.

- Kalinda also got a raise from Will and assured him of her loyalty.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Will: I've got your back, Kalinda. Just make sure you got mine.
Kalinda: I always have... and I always will.

Will: Kalinda is to be given a salary bump over Blake's. He is not her supervisor.
Bond: No.
Will: Then we got a problem, because this is the deal. Either we bump Kalinda's salary above Blake's, or the waters won't be calmed.