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Jonas Stern died in the middle of a case involving a series of suicides at a large corporation. Louis Canning bought out Stern's practice and took over the case. After learning that the company had hired a human resources consultant who suggested they could save a lot of money by inducing voluntary staff departures, as a means to fleece the pension fund, Canning offered up a settlement. He also offered Alicia a job, which she politely declined.

The DCC brought up charges against Wendy Scott Carr that she wasn't an Illinois resident and could have her candidacy revoked sending Eli into a rage because of the negative light in which it would cast Peter's campaign. The reporter that revealed this to him also told Eli that a rumor was going around that Peter had had an affair with an employee. In exchange for not running the story, she wanted an exclusive with Alicia. Alicia agreed, but Eli shut the interview down when it got too personal and insulting.

Cary found out that Childs was still having Kalinda investigated, and that the investigator, Andrew Wiley, was on the verge of finding out the secret. He went to Brody, and Brody let slip that Kalinda and Peter had an affair. He went to Kalinda to warn her, telling her he knows the secret, but that she should confide in Alicia.

Tammy told Will she got a job offer in London. When he didn't know how to take that, she said she was leaving. After thinking about how Stern left nothing of any substance behind, Will asked Tammy to stay and she agreed.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

I don't have many enemies in life. I get along with Republicans, Protestants, Catholics, even a few reporters. But the one thing I hate is amateurs.


They say you always kill the woman terrorist first. The male ones, they hesitate. They fear death. Not the woman.