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-Lockhart Gardner represent Daniel Marwat, a US citizen who is suing the government for detaining and torturing him as a suspected terrorist.

-When it comes out that Daniel lied about pertinent information, they drop the lawsuit but the government presses criminal charges against Daniel.

-Alicia gets her own attorney when she is questioned by the Treasury department concerning the case. When Treasury threatens Alicia with 8 years in prison, her attorney, Elsbeth sets up a conflict of interest which buys time until the case is dismissed.

-Peter orders an investigation of Will Gardner when he comes across information about Will's wrong doing 15 years ago.  Will accuses Peter of coming after him because of Alicia.

-Diane overhears Alicia's ringtone while on the phone with Will.  She suspects they are having an affair.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Will: You poked the bear. I asked you not to poke the bear.
Diane: Would you stop with the bear talk.

I thought you Feds were on some sort of a budget crunch. I get two of you?