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- Will is trying the case of a woman accused of hiring someone to murder her husband. When Will sees the judge at the bar, he heads to the bathroom and the judge talks to him. The judge proclaims that Will's client is guilty and that Will is a thief and a liar. Will has Alicia ask the judge to recuse himself, but he refuses. She moves to substitute for cause. He gets angry, but has to allow it. Alicia and Will present their case to the new judge and use questionable tactics including forcing someone to testify about AA meetings. In the end, Will and Alicia win their motion and a new judge will be assigned. The DA offers a plea, because she has new evidence that their client is guilty.

- Nick gets jealous of Cary. When Kalinda gets a call from Alicia and offers to meet for drinks, Nick gets suspicious. He redials the last number and it was Alicia's office phone. Cary answers it and Nick hangs up. Later that night, Cary gets beat up.

- Zach's working at his dad's campaign office under a fake name. He's helped a lot and when the numbers go down, Eli wants to know why. He is led to Zach and lets him go. Zach asks his mom to help out at the campaign. She says she'll think about it.

- A girl named Grace from Grace Florrick's school kills herself. Grace Florrick befriends the dead Grace's ex-boyfriend, Connor. He smokes and they ditch school together. The other campaign's trackers take video of it. Grace and Connor get close and kiss.

The Good Wife
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