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- Elsbeth Tascioni is arrested related to a time sensitive case she is working on for an Olympic runner, Anna. Elsbeth calls Alicia for help. Alicia isn't available to make the court time, so she has Will take over the case with Alicia helping get Elsbeth out of jail. After quite a bit of maneuvering, Alicia gets Elsbeth bailed out of jail in time to save her client, Anna.


- Anna is suing a shoe company for $5 million they owe her for an endorsement. They have proof she failed a drug test and won't be able to compete in a Monday competition which allows them to void her contract. Will requests a review of the drug test and challenges the disqualification in Monday's race. It turns out that Anna failed the test because she was pregnant, but refuses to disclose that she had an abortion. Will tries to prove the test was mishandled, but that doesn't work. In the end, Elsbeth creates a controversy between the arbiters on the panel over a previous case and Anna wins.


- Zach finds out that Maddie is going to accuse Peter of racial misconduct in his office. Eli and Jordan disagree about how to handle it. Peter ends up speaking on race issues and gets booed at the event. His speech goes viral and he is commended for speaking honestly on the topic. Eli and Jordan continue to disagree over the campaign.


- Peter and Alicia have sex on his campaign bus. The status of their relationship is very undefined.



The Good Wife
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