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- Colin Sweeney is back and Alicia is defending him once again. This time it appears that he is innocent of the charges, but the prosecutors are unwilling to make a deal.

- Diane asks Cary to interview and hire an associate. During one of the interviews, he finds out information about a Supreme Court ruling that explains the State Attorney's reluctance to make a deal in Sweeney's case. If he is found guilty, it would be his third strike and he would be given a life sentence. 

- With this new information, the best way to protect Sweeney is to go to trial immediately and hope a decision is reached prior to the ruling being released. They are on the last day of the client's right to a speedy trial. Alicia asks the judge to start the trial immediately. 

- The ASA on the case, Laura, is not prepared either, but is forced to abide by the speedy trial requirement.

- After awkward testimony, Sweeney is found not guilty on the major charge and guilty on a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He's ordered to pay a fine and 30 days in jail.

- Laura and Will had been dating for a week. Laura asks Alicia if there is something going on between her and Will. Alicia says that there was a long time ago. After the trial, Alicia calls Will after thinking about them. He's with Laura when she calls and Alicia quickly hangs up. Laura realizes there is something going on and makes an excuse to end things with Will.

- Diane and Kurt McVeigh meet up again because of the Sweeney case. She asks him to marry her. He tells her it's not a good time.

- Diane asks Kalinda to do a background check on her in order to prepare for the Supreme Court nomination. Kalinda finds out some troubling history about Diane's father and also McVeigh. Despite this, Diane decides she still wants to be with McVeigh and doesn't accept his delays.

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The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

If I marry him, will he kill me?

Isobel Swift

We have to run the fastest trial in history.