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Jackie and Veronica plan a party on The Good Wife season finale, while Louis Canning makes a move.

A woman with a failed adoption sues both Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos because of the cross coverage of Alicia.

After Castro drops a bombshell Eli wants Finn to drop out of the race, but Finn doesn't want to. Eli wants Alicia to try to talk Finn into doing what he wants.

Both Cary and Veronica reference the empty nest in regard to Alicia and Zach's leaving for college.

Howard Lyman is the only undecided vote and as Canning and David Lee try to bribe him into voting for Canning, one of the Florrick/Agos partners passively listens in because LG left their cameras on. Clarke Hayden stumbles upon his activity and starts a fight to try to warn LG that it's happening.

Peter is withdrawing his support of Finn because Finn bribed someone to keep his sister from going to jail on drug charges.

Alicia tells Finn not to withdraw.

When Lockhart/Gardner says they want to destroy Florrick/Agos, the whole firm gets in the conference room to strategize. They think their intent is to disbar Alicia.

Peter decides that he wants to ask Diane to replace Finn as their candidate for States Attorney.

Howard wants to cross examine witnesses. Diane agrees that it's a good idea. 

Diane agrees to meet with Peter and asks Kalinda to go with her.

Alicia meets with Lockhart/Gardner in an attempt to get them to talk about potential documents left out of discovery, but instead Cary spots the problem They're talking to a different wife - Neil Gross' wife.

Veronica and Jackie fight over their children. 

Alicia and Cary fight over the possibility of merging with Lockhart/Gardner.

While Florrick/Agos is listening in to LG, they hear Kalinda agree to take advantage of her relationship with Cary, something she has exploited before. 

When the other Cary says Alicia has the votes for a merger, Cary decides to meet with Canning. He tells him that Diane plans to merge once she's voted in as managing partner.

Everyone learns what Cary did when they hear Canning tell David Lee about it on the video feed. Cary and Alicia erupt into an epic argument.

Alicia gets a call from Finn and she learns that Peter asked Diane to step in in his stead.

Canning chooses the nuclear option. He'll dissolve the partnership if he doesn't get managing partner.

Diane makes a decision. She goes to Florrick/Agos and asks to join their firm with her $38 million a year in client billing. The phone call to Eli makes it appear as if her request has been accepted.

Alicia goes to Zach's graduation and then he leaves the same night for a student job. He'll be home for Thanksgiving.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

People think adding zealously to everything makes it alright.


Alicia: Jackie, can I call you back?
Eli: Oh God! What does she want?