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Alicia tries to get her hands on certain files before she leaves the firm. 

A paralegal is suing Lockhart & Gardner for a hostile work environment.

Diane and Kurt go out shooting.

The paralegal suggests she was sexually harassed, including prostitution, masturbation and more interesting accusations.

The firm hires Elsbeth Tascioni to represent them against the paralegal and Viola Walsh. 

Diane starts to suspect Alicia might be leaving the firm.

Jackie blackmails Eli to get her way with the inauguration and decorating in return for helping him with a union strike.

The case cascades down around Lockhart & Gardner thanks to Howard Lyman.

Diane meets Kurt's friends before they marry, and she's not happy.

Someone is feeding evidence to Viola Walsh to attack Lockhart & Gardner and its one of the fourth years leaving with Florrick/Agos.

Diane goes to one of her clients and baits her by saying Alicia already told her she was going.

Diane married Kurt McVeigh.

The paralegal didn't share that she was sexual with Kalinda in the office, and the case implodes on her.

Diane tells Will what she learned about Alicia.



The Good Wife
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