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Both Eli and Marilyn begin to have issues with Peter coming into contact with some of Alicia's more questionable clients. 

David Lee sends Damian Boyle to deliver Alicia's separation agreement and capital investment check.

She discovers through the separation agreement that Matthew Ashbaugh might have left her something in his will.

When nobody responds to the Florrick/Agos Holiday party, Cary discovers that LG is throwing a party the same night and therefore they want to invite the Governor.

Peter agrees to go to the party after receiving an evite, as long as he can bring Jackie.

Clarke Hayden discovers a counter will was filed for Ashbaugh naming Alicia as one of two beneficiaries, each receiving $12 million.

Felicia calls Jackie to invite her to the holiday party.

LG and Florrick/Agos contest the new Ashbaugh will in court.

The witness to Ashbaugh's second will was in the sex trade and reviewed all of his contracts.

Hayden realizes that Ashbaugh wasn't technically paying Paula at the time she witnessed the signing of his will.

Damian leads Kalinda on a high speed chase across the city while she tails him during his vetting process.

Damian has a friend of his in the police force hold Kalinda for speeding.

Jackie calls Veronica to ask when she'll be at the holiday party.

Will remembers how Ashbaugh looked at Alicia and decides to make a claim in court that Alicia influenced Ashbaugh to create the second will.

Once the Governor responded yes to the party, 835 people responded yes.

When Alicia hears about the RSVPs and the email blast to the invitees, she asks Cary when they stopped working together.

Kalinda tries to discover why the police woman is working with Damian. 

Will imagines himself questioning Alicia on the stand. He imagines them making love and Alicia joking about having ways to make Ashbaugh talk when she also said it was the happiest she has ever been. He's building his case around his projection of his personal feelings.

Eli comes up with a meeting that will prevent Peter from attending Alicia's party.

Kalinda beds the woman who Damian had holding her to try to get info on Damian.

Will begins questioning Alicia and she's more straightforward during testimony than he imagined, and then his questioning backfired.

During testimony, Alicia admits she used influence over Ashbaugh to get him to sign a will, but it was the first will, at the urging of David Lee, when she manipulated Ashbaugh to sign.

Peter asks Donna Brazille to attend Alicia's party.

Eli's worry about the unsavory clients at the holiday party fell apart when Lemond Bishop showed up.

Eli spits out his drink when Marilyn announces to Veronica that she'll be naming her baby Peter.



The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Eli: Holiday decorations, Jackie. Not Christmas, not Jesus. Holiday.
Jackie: I have a Hanukkah, too.

Damian: Matty wanted a signature.
Paula: Well that and an enema.