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Eli and Jackie argue over how to handle a Florrick family secret while Alicia must defend a client accused of domestic terrorism.

LG decides to hire new litigators and get old clients back. 

Robyn suggests having a real rollout of Florrick/Agos with a Christmas party.

One of Alicia's clients is wanted for a bombing and they have a photo of him at the scene.

Will goes after an Irish rogue attorney for LG (but nobody knows who LG is).

The FBI got their photo of Zayeed Shaheed from an online website where regular citizens are posting photos with their theories, and the people think they can prove he did it.

Jackie doesn't like the new choice Eli is wooing for Supreme Court justice, and tells Eli to let her down easy. Eli tells her to back off.

Will tells the partners he hired a new partner Mr Boyle, a known "mob attorney" and Diane is unhappy with his choice. 

Alicia tries to get the thread on the Scabbit site closed down by injunction. 

Boyle takes Lyman and others on a "legal field trip" to Florrick/Agos and takes all of their furniture away and looks at their legal paperwork.

Eli heads back to his office and Jackie tells him that the new appointee, Rachel, had an affair with her husband.

When Florrick/Agos goes back to court, Scabbit's new attorney is Will Gardner.

While in court, Alicia notices her #1 Mom pin and she realizes that he's responsible for taking their furniture.

LG wants to fight against Florrick/Agos to prove to Chum Hum they are against Internet privacy.

Jackie tries to Rachel to back out by threatening her with exposure to her husband.

Alicia and Cary win an injunction to receive the names of the Scabbit posters on the Shaheed threads to determine if any of them are Scabbit employees so they can then sue for defamation and damages.

Damian Boyle uses Howard Lyman's indiscretion during Kalinda's investigation.

Robyn discovers a Scabbit user named ChubbySocks52, or Dante Pryor, is a socialbot created by Scabbit to drive traffic from its Chum Hum account and Twitter feed by repackaging comments and gossip to appear human and generate interest in its topics.

Will and Diane go to Florrick/Agos to negotiate the case they lost and during the negotiations, Alicia receives a phone call from Judge Kluger. He asks her out to coffee. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Well then welcome to your decision because that's what happens when one person decides.


Diane: Will, just because someone is wrong for us doesn't make him right.
Will: Let's see him. What can it hurt?