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The hackers want an apology or they will release the emails at the end of the week but a reporter already has them and plans to use them to smear Alicia. 

Eli tries to get ahead of the emails by giving the scoop do another reporter and spinning Alicia and Will’s emails as a flirtation and not an affair. Even Peter comes to Alicia’s defense and says the report is just out to smear her. But when the story finally comes out, the reporter accuses Alicia of voter fraud instead.

RD asks Diane to be an attorney in a mock trial about whether a wedding planner can refuse service to a gay couple. Diane represents the gay couple and when RD encourages her to go for the jugular, she invites his gay nephew to play the role of one half of the couple in question. At first RD is furious but she explains that he said to go for the jugular and that the law is personal and it’s important to put a human face on it. 

Diane wins her case in mock court but RD still decides to financially back the wedding consultant in the real case.

When Investigator Wiley begins looking into the changed meta data that cleared Cary for an Internal Affair investigation against the detective, Kalinda ends up going to Finn to ask for advice. When he realizes why he makes her pay him a dollar for attorney client privilege. Finn says that Diane may be disbarred and face prison time for submitting falsified evidence in court even though she didn’t know it was falsified. 

Kalinda’s tech friend, Howell lies to Wiley and tries to protect Kalinda but may have only made things worse. Wiley goes to Kalinda and says he knows she hacked the meta data and the sooner she comes clean about it, the better. 


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

If you don't want a story told, it's better to tell it yourself.


Eli: OK. Strategy session. Two pronged attack.
Marissa: Oh, I love the two prongs. Even as a kid we had two pronged attacks.