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Alicia tries to prepare for an important interview with the Editorial Board of a prominent newspaper while dealing with laryngitis. She watches Prady’s interview, already posted online and imagines her own responses to the questions, including how she’ll manage the State's Attorney's office, whether Lemond Bishop has donated to her campaign and Zach’s girlfriend’s abortion. 

Alicia fantasizes about being in bed with Jonathan Elfman, Finn Polmar and Will Garner. She tells Will how much she misses him. 

In her mind, Alicia imagines Zack sitting homeless on a bench but he’s really at Georgetown. She tries to call him but he doesn’t pick up. Alicia also sees one of Grace’s text messages and she wonders if Grace is having a crisis of faith. 

Louis Canning calls to offer Alicia and the firm a deal concerning the eviction case. Alicia refuses to take it, then she realizes that Canning has David Lee on his side and it could swing the case. But before she can do anything, Canning ends up in the hospital. Alicia goes to visit and his wife asks her to pray that he makes it through the night. Alicia asks Grace to pray since she’d be a hypocrite if she did so. 

The Good Wife
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