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A sexual discrimination suit has Alicia and Dean going up against Elsbeth Tascioni and Rayna Hecht in court. As they battle it out, it appears Alicia and Dean are close to getting a settlement, but Elsbeth (and her thoughts) decide against a settlement and continue the trial. In the end, the trial is put on hold. 

Meanwhile, Diane clicks a link from an e-mail and it infects all of the Florrick Agos Lockhart and Associates files with malware. All their files disappear and the only way to get it back is to pay $50,000. After deciding to do it, they still have trouble getting the files back. 

In an attempt to recover an email accidently sent to Diane's email at LG, David Lee asks her to turn over her rights to the LG space in exchange for the e-mail. She refuses, and after the ceiling leaks above her and she encounters a cockroach, she suggests moving Florrick Agos Lockhart and Associates into the LG space!

Kalinda comes to the rescue and with the help of Lana and the files are restored after coming face to face with the criminal behind the scam. 

Finn agrees to endorse Alicia in her run for State's Attorney, but Peter refuses to endorse her if he is also there. Alicia and Peter share some heated words, realizing they need each other. In the end, Peter swoops in and endorses his wife. Alicia is officially running. 


The Good Wife
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