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Alicia publicly resigns her position as State’s Attorney and says how amazing Peter has been during this difficult time. Then

she goes into Lockhart, Agos, and Lee in the hopes of returning to the firm she created. David Lee, Cary and Diane tell her that they’ll need some time to work out the details but welcome her back home.

Later, Alicia gets a phone call from a client who says they spoke to Diane who  was trying to retain their business since Alicia was not returning to the firm. Alicia assumes that they are playing her to steal her clients. Peter encourages her to take her clients and start her own firm. When David Lee hears that Alicia is calling her old clients to bring them to her new firm, things get nasty. Both Diane and Alicia feel betrayed.

Kalinda calls Alicia and explains that there’s been a misunderstanding. Diane made those phone calls before she knew Alicia wanted to come back. Alicia and Diane reconcile and agree that Alicia should return to the firm, until RD says he’ll leave the firm if Alicia comes back because of the constant scandal surrounding the Florrick name. 

Depressed, Alicia ends up with no job and her old clients refuse to follow her if she starts her own firm. Peter encourages her to rest, write a book and start again.

Cary calls Geneva Pine and offers to turn over evidence against Lemond Bishop. Kalinda overhears and steals a thumb drive from Bishop’s driver Dexter, then downloads information from Bishop’s laptop and turns it over to Pine, giving them all the evidence they need. Bishop is later arrested.

Thanks to a misstep from Cary, Dexter figures out that Kalinda is behind the evidence. Kalinda clears out her apartment and runs, leaving a note for Alicia. Cary finds her apartment completely empty. 

The Good Wife
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