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Season 6 opens with a big question for Alicia: Will she run for State Attorney?

Opening mere breaths after The Good Wife Season 5 finale, Eli asks Alicia if she would consider running for State's Attorney. Although she doesn't think it's the best idea, events of the hour might push her in that direction.

Cary is arrested for drug trafficking because of a private meeting he had with three of Lemond Bishop's men on May 25th. Someone is colluding with the police and suggesting Cary told them how to pull off a criminal matter and escape charges. 

While in prison, Cary is humiliated and even cut so that Lemond's men can talk to him without puttig themselves in jeopardy.

Diane wants to join Florrick/Agos and bring to the table $38 million in clients, but when Alicia asks her to represent Cary, the other guys in Lockhart/Gardner see an opportunity to try to siphon off her clients.

Kalinda discovers what kind of evidence they have on Cary thanks to a friend in the force. 

There is a girl waltzing around the Governor's office without panties and that causes Eli some unease. He decides to do a personal poll about Peter Florrick.

When Alicia pays Cary's bail in cash, the State's Attorney's office says it's drug money that's funding his release and he's held even longer.

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