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The Election Board is investigating voter fraud. The voting computers were hacked and the Illinois Democratic Party hires Spencer Randolph to defend Alicia and stop a recount. Turns out there were microchips in many voting machines but they were put into them in 2012, putting Peter’s race as Governor in question. But these chips were updated just months before Alicia’s race. 

The head of the party tells Alicia she needs to step down. That the chips were used to get other candidates elected in order to block the Republican party from gaining power. Alicia refuses to step down as State’s Attorney. Peter encourages her to fight but when she goes back in front of the election board, Randolph, her own representative, turns on her and says she is responsible for the voter fraud, thus ruining her career but protecting the party. 

Earlier, Grace listens to Alicia and Will’s emails online. She asks Alicia if it was really just a flirtation. Alicia admits it wasn’t and that she lied. Grace seems upset. 

Diane learns that Kalinda faked the meta data that she submitted in court. She and Kalinda confess all at Detective Prima’s internal affairs hearing. The SA’s office threatens to file charges against Diane, which would mean three years in prison unless she testifies against Lemond Bishop. Diane refuses. 

Cary can see that Kalinda is planning something. He thinks she’s going to turn on Bishop. Instead he goes to Geneva Pine and says that he’ll turn on Lemond Bishop instead. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

You win the election. You think it's over. It's never over.


This is a press witch hunt. They like building people up so they can knock them down. Now it's Alicia's turn.