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Ethan tells Diane that Mr. Dipple wants her to cross examine a woman, Stacy Groom, who had an abortion, regretted it and now wants to sue the clinic. They want to make sure the woman will stand up under cross examination in court. Diane asks Jason to investigate her and she turns out that woman is not reliable but Ethan decides to release an undercover video they were going to use in the case. The video is of a clinic worker discussing the fees for harvesting fetal organs.

The pro-choice opposition wants to block the public release of the recording. Ethan has Diane defend their first amendment rights to release the recording. Since the conversation took place in a public yogurt shop, the recording can be made public but since the person who made the recording previously signed a non-disclosure agreement, the tape is once again blocked. 

When the non-disclosure agreement doesn’t hold, Diane decides to use whistle blower laws. The judge calls her in for a private conversation and asks her why she’s fighting so hard on a case she doesn’t agree with. Diane feels strongly that this is a free speech case but the judge makes it clear that he doesn’t want the video being made public and pushes Diane to drop it. 

Diane continues on and ends up asking the judge to recuse himself. He does not. Then she tells Ethan that having her as their attorney is no longer in the best interest of their client and that they need another attorney. Cary congratulates Diane for getting out of the case while still never backing down. 

Alicia and Lucca worry about making the bills. Grace wants to help so Alicia has her begin to make cold calls. She even calls Eli and asks if he has any suggestions. 

Louis Canning offers Lucca a job at his firm. She turns it down. She doesn’t want to be bait as he tries to lure Alicia but ends up getting leads of three new clients from her conversation with Canning. Unfortunately Lucca and Alicia don’t land any of them. 

Diane makes enemies of the National Council on Women, the Justice Center and two other clients who are all pro-choice. They decide to find new counsel and Grace’s call happens at just the right time. Alicia and Lucca are shocked when Grace’s leads actually turn out to be high end clients.

Eli ask Courtney Paige is she will hold off on raising all of her employees salaries to $75,000 until after the election. Eli wants Courtney to get a second opinion from another attorney and ask Alicia to see her. Courtney decides to do it anyway but her ex-husband, Barry Oliver sues her for giving away his money. Later, Eli tells Courtney he likes her and the two kiss.

Alicia tells Eli that Frank Landau is furious with her because she asked for a study on the election machine vote. 

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