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Alicia’s neighbor in #603 keeps getting her clients at her door and she’s ticked off. She files a grievance with the Home Owner’s Association and tries to have Alicia evicted. Marisa gives Grace the idea to find out who else in the building is running businesses out of their homes. Grace attends the HOA meeting and has the grievance dropped. 

A former client of Alicia and Cary’s, Robi Canton has written a children’s song that he sings at parties. Since it’s gotten over a million views on youtube, his former label, GFC is claiming they own the rights to it and their attorney Andrea Stevens have the video pulled for copyright infringement. 

Robi is immediately smitten with Lucca and they begin sleeping together. In court, Alicia, Cary, and Lucca manage to prove that Robi fulfilled his former contract but GFC counters that he wrote the song before his original contract was up. He manages to prove that he wrote it after his contract expired and he wins but GFC sues again concerning another song. The judge concludes he did steal the second song because it is so similar to the first. Robi writes a song about Lucca. She tells him he should sell it, but not use her name. Then she leaves, saying she’s going back to real life. 

Ruth is moving on to a congressional race while Eli is staying with Peter to help him govern. Ruth warns Eli that the odds are good that someone will try to take Peter down after this loss and to watch out, even for friends. 

Eli tries to talk to Alicia about the political future but she closes the door on him. When Marisa says she needs a job, Eli encourages her to ask Alicia but Alicia only gets angry. Eli tells Marisa about deleting the voicemail and telling Alicia. Marisa talks to Alicia who admits she’s hurting but says she can’t forgive Eli for what he’s done. 

Alicia fires Grace because she feels she’s too focused on the law firm. She feels she needs to be taking care of Grace but Grace isn’t happy. 


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