All's Well that Ends Well - The Good Witch
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On the fourth season finale of Hallmarks magical gem, The Good Witch, we see Cassie and Sam facing several complications as they attempt to make their way to the altar. Sam is struggling with doubts about leaving his home, and moving into Grey House with Cassie.

The busy environment at the bed -- and -- breakfast is quite different than what he is accustomed to, and he seems to worry about the lack of privacy. Nick and Grace are still battling with each other, but making strides towards mending their friendship.

They go head to head as they prepare their respective speeches for their parents blessed union, possibly reaching an understanding about their new relationship as siblings in the process. Stephanie and Liam are still having trouble finding the time to explore their blossoming relationship. A problem arrises for Abigail followed by an opportunity that she could not have predicted.

Abigail's newfound political success spells big trouble for Mayor Martha, as she is forced to step down and relenquish her title to Abigail. Marthas determination to solve a small problem in Middleton created a much bigger problem for her, personally, as she discovered that she is actually a resident of Blairsville.

Cassie and Sam's misfortune regarding their wedding appears to be beneficial for Stephanie's sister, Emma and her fiancee Ryan. What may not be a perfect wedding day for Cassie and Sam turns out to be perfect for the two marines, who are about to spend the next year apart. 

Good Witch
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