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Cassie asks George to walk her down the aisle.

Stephanie catches one of Adam's baseball games.

The secondary women on the cast are still struggling to get the wedding together.

Martha 2.0 wants to find her place outside of mayoring, but she's having a difficult time.

Sam chats with the reverand officiating their wedding in the event he knows where to find the Forever Tree. He cannot stop sneezing because of al ll the hay around.

Grace's face shows that she's worried about the sneezing reverend.

Yay!! It's Brandon! Toasts are given to the happy couple.

Cassie worries about what she'll wear with reassurance from Martha.

Grace tells the horse it's OK, she's on edge, too. Then Lindsay screams again about getting too close. Then the horse jumps the fence and takes off toward the forest.

Grace thinks she's the one making all of the bad mojo since she's been thinking so much about dad. It just hit her that she's about to be married to someone who isn't him. 

Sam also reassures Cassie that he is there for both her and Grace no matter what they ever need.

Sam worries his parents are going to miss the flight of the fireflies. Jennifer has champagne and bug repellant. They're ready! Instead of going, though, Jennifer decides to steam her dress when Jonathan says he'd prefer hot chocolate to the cold woods. Sam isn't pleased with his father.

Martha needs to know what happened between Abigail and Donavon step by step. Not happening. Abigail ignores her advice.

Nick and Lindsay are at the bistro playing their online game. He admits to Stephanie that he lied to Lindsay about college, and Lindsay overhears. She leaves unhappily.

Sam finds Vincent at the baseball diamond. They talk about disappointing Cassie.

Stephanie left Adam's game because she thought he had a girlfriend. Then she discovers he's dealing with some things now, and she rescinds her invitation to coffee.

Cassie and Grace visit Grace's favorite place to sit with her dad. I wish we had seen some of Grace's childhood. Grace misses her daddy's laugh and how it was very infectious. Cassie finds a star in the sky representing him for both of them.

When Jonathan and Cassie head out to the hardware store, Grace tries to fix her mom's dress while Sam looks for the Forever Tree.

Abigail shut off Donavon's water in the name of politics. His water line runs through Middleton. Whoops!

Lindsay returns Grace's phone giving Nick the opportunity to apologize for lying to her. But she's not interested in playing games.

Cassie is busy guiding Jonathan in a very specific direction that doesn't have anything to do with kitchen knobs. There is sheet music to be found with Jennifer's favorite song that he used to play on an old guitar just like the one in Bell, Book, and Candle.

Abigail is growing into her role as Mayor with the added excitement of the Blairsville mayor. She suggests Martha continue looking for 2.0.

Sam still can't find the Forever Tree. He wishes the Forever Tree would pop out to him kind of like it would to Stephanie.

Stephanie recognizes the tree because of her childhood games of hide and seek. Sam ropes in Nick to find the tree as one of his duties as best man.

While looking through the woods, Nick reveals to Sam that playing inspires him in ways to make the games better. Sam loves the idea. As long as Nick found his passion, Sam is proud.

Stephanie suggests Adam to officiate the wedding in lieu of Mr. Sneezy.

Theodore Carter overhears Martha say it has been a harrowing journey trying to find herself. He's Middleton's media king. They're doing a pilot for a new talk show and are looking for a host with experience giving advice. Who could be better than the Mouth of Middleton?

Jonathan is at the bottom of the stairs playing his song for Jennifer. She walks down singing with a big smile on her face. Sam and Cassie watch from the other room happily.

Grace suprises Cassie with the altered dress.

It's wedding day and everyone is heading into the barn. Abigail's truck has a flat tire, but she spots Donavon coming by. Does she need a lift?

It's a damn good thing Abigail's dress has a split up to her neck!

Stephanie and Abigail are both wearing different dresses than the ones they initially tried, and they're remarkably similar.

Adam greets two two women. 

Grace asks Brandon how to torture a younger sibling.

Martha is over the moon with the idea she's finally found Martha 2.0 with a future in television.

Nick tells Lindsay he's applying to some of the best schools in video gaming. 

George and Cassie are getting ready to leave Grey House when Vincent returns. He was 15 miles out of town when he found a stowaway in his bag. He has trouble believing a family would believe in him no matter what. She wants him to stick around to see how it feels.

The horse if in the woods, and it has something to say. It's adamantly trying to get Grace to pay attention. She and Sam follow him into the woods. The horse has led them to the Forever Tree.

Cassie is shocked to find the location empty when she arrives. Grace greets her with a smile on her face offering another surprise.

They didn't need to take their beauty inside because everything they needed was outside. It's a beautiful service followed by a too-short celebration in which Vincent catches the bouquet.

While Cassie and Sam are carving their initials, the white horse shows up. He was just trying to find his mate. Isn't everyone?


Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Cassie and Sam. Lori sends her love and wishes she could be here, and I'm so happy for both of you. But really, Nick is the luckiest person here because he gets to have Cassie as a stepmom, and she is the best stepmom a kid could ever ask for.


Cassie: I'd be honored if you'd walk me down the aisle.
George: Cassie, that means a lot to me.