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Cassie and Sam are sharing a piece of cake at a winery for their honeymoon. They're very happy and utterly distracted by the peace and quiet. 

Their host prefers to enjoy the moment instead of thinking about anything else. Then her brother arrrives.

Grace is dating Noah long distance and sharing it with Vincent. Noah is coming home for the weekend, and she cannot wait.

Martha is at a competition. Another woman is threatened by her presence. Martha has all kinds of ideas how to remain confident in the face of stress.

Unfortunately, she freezes when the camera starts rolling. Her audition just might leave her speechless!

Sam strikes up a conversation with Erin's brother, Connor. He tells Sam to enjoy the vineyard while they can because he intends on having it sold.

Grace is on the phone with Noah who is breaking up with her. She's devastated.

Abigail recognizes something is wrong with Grace and attempts to comfort her. Grace is gutted. She doesn't want to feel that way. 

Mayor Davenport moved a fundraiser up at the last minute to mess with an event Abigail is hosting.

Nick's friend Tyler says hi at the Bistro. They just moved back to town. He's surprised that Nick is living at Grey House. Rumor has it the Grey Lady still roams the halls every night at 11:13.

Stephanie tries to comfort Martha after her stage fright. When Vincent comes in to the Bistro, Stephanie joshes him about catching the wedding bouquet. They both decide that being on the water is like poetry. Jinx!

Cassie runs into a girl photographing a bridge with an actual film camera. The girl, Alex, says the camera is acting up. She wants her pictures to bring people together. She likes to make people happy while her dad thinks she should charge for them. Alex is Connor's daughter. She'd love to spend more time at the vineyard.

Cassie makes her camera work to bring a smile to her face.

Donovan says his RSVPs are pouring in. He thinks it's cute. He considers combining fundraisers. It's about his hospital and her fire department. They flip for where the fundraiser will be held. City hall for city hall.

He walked straight into that one! Heads and Middleton it is.

More wine and cake for Cassie and Sam.

Grace struggles wanting to talk with Noah, and she decides to jump forward in time. Will it work? She changes the date on her phone to give it a shot and goes to sleep.

When she wakes up, her photos of Noah is no longer on her bedroom mirror and she's happy. She tells Cassie why dwell in the past when she can bake muffins?

Abigail enlists Vincent to help with the party. Stephanie asks him to try her smoked salmon with dill. He has tickets to see the Blairsville Blasters hockey team. Stephanie loves hockey. Perhaps they can do something just as entertaining together another time.

There have been two bad harvests in a row. Erin worries. Cassie thinks this year may be the charm.

Martha is at Abigail's shop when she gets a call from Theodore. It's a thank you anyway call. Her star is dimming.

Sam and Connor chat. Sam says he's never looked back at his days in NY. He loves the lack of stress. Connor remarks how good it sounds.

Connor has found a buyer who promises to keep the vineyard how it is and even continue bottling under the family name. Erin doesn't like that.

Cassie and Sam stumble upon Alex in the woods. She has over 10k followers who she cannot wait to show a photo of an old swing, but her shutter jams. 

Tyler arrives to help Nick discover the Grey Lady. Grace appears just after they hear the "ghost" upstairs. The app on his phone shows some energy presence. 

Grace is still baking because she does that when she feels good. Nick has a fleeting moment of concern.

Donovon and Abigail crack wise upon meeting at the fundraiser. She has to give a speech. 

Adam is there and reveals to Stephanie that he and his fiance just split up, and he's been laying low ever since. Still, he attended not only for the good cause but for the opportunity to see Stephanie.

Donovon introduces Abigail for her speech. She discusses the two communities coming together for a great cause. When they put aside their differences, they can accomplish great things. Donovon is impressed.

When Alex tells Sam she loves burnt marshmallows, he thinks it's impossible. Right in the middle of a beautiful smores situation, Connor tells Erin her filed a petition to divide the vineyard. But Sam notices Donavon favoring his right arm. 

Sam says left arm is heart attack, right arm is usually stress. It's been going on about six months. Connor says having the vineyard is adding to his stress.

Martha tries to get her friend to give her a second chance at her moment in the spotlight, but gets told it's not fair to the other candidates. When a young man loses his voice, she takes to the podium for a game of Martha Says. Everyone fails on their first try.

She uses her game to get everyone to donate, and her friend takes notice.

Cassie helps Donavon find his daughter by looking on Instagram. Except Alex has a film camera, so posting from the middle of the field doesn't seem likely.

Martha gets the job and a sweet nod from Abigail. There was magic involved!

Grace is still baking and assures Nick she hasn't thought about Noah once today. Tyler is still skulking around the house trying to find the Grey Lady.

The lights flash, the name Clementine is called, and Tyler disappears.

Alex is worried abou ther family. She doesn't want to leave. Connor and Erin recall getting pushed on the swing by their father.

Cassie arranges for the siblings to talk by enlisting Alex to take honeymoon pics of the happy couple.

Abigail admits that people aren't really her thing which is why she doesn't much care for the calls about potholes and pidgeons.

Nick wonders why Tyler is there if he doesn't believe in ghosts, and Grace realizes that he probably just wants to hang out.

When Adam asks out Stephanie, she turns him down. She doesn't want to be the rebound girl. She ultimately acquieses, but doesn't want to do it anytime soon.

Connor and Erin's dad only built one swing so they'd share. 

Donovon almost kisses Abigail before Martha interrupts. The curse!!

Vincent is very worried about Grace trying to fast forward through her heartbreak. If she does that, she'll never heal. Finding her photo of them on the counter, she turns back the time again and experiences grief.

As Erin and Connor are getting ready to let go of the vineyard, Alex interrupts. The grapes are back! It's happened once before, when they were kids. Did Cassie deliver the vineyard before?

Vincent offers to Stephanie fanc fooc, a warm fire, and good company. She is torn between Vincent and Adam who she sees out of the window.

Alex takes photos of Cassie and Adam stomping grapes, and Cassie puts one on the refrigerator at home.

Abigail, Grace, and Cassie watch a romantic and heartbreaking movie to help Grace get through her tough time.



Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Everybody wishes they could fast forward through the pain of a breakup, but it's not like we can set our clocks ahead.


Cassie: I don't think anything could have made this more perfect.
Sam: I saw cake over there.
Cassie: Oh! I stand corrected.