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Martha visits Cassie to invite her onto her new show. Cassie gives to Martha some baked goods (crumpets) for her and Tom.

A prince arrives as a guest. A prince of Cordonia. Martha tries to scoop Cassie by making the prince her first guest, but he's camera shy and declines.

Abigail has to cancel movie night with Grace. It was between Some Like it Hot and Breakfast at Tiffany's. To help with all her work, Grace offers to intern. Deal!

Adam is trying to get Sam to bid on an auction item. He chooses a waffle iron. In walks an old school buddy of Sams, Patrick. He's the chief of cardiothorasic surgery in Beverly Hills and needs help with a patient. Maybe himself, as he collapses to the floor.

Prince Henry thinks Grey House is just like home, except warmer and less dusty.

There is another person staying at Grey House, Olivia. She's a Middleton native whose house is getting painted. She finds Henry's piano playing delightful. She writes poetry and is a librarian.

Patrick has seen five cardiologists and still has no idea what's wrong with him. Patrick recalls Sam as a great diagnostician and doesn't want him to pass off his case to someone else.

Vincent is hanging out at the Bistro. Olivia is organizing the first-ever open mic at the Bistro. Henry just so happens to overhear. 

Vincent has sailed into Cordonia a few times. He has a strange look on his face when considering Prince Henry.

Patrick married a fellow medical student.

Abigail and Donovan have a problem because his family wants to tear down Wishing Well Park for a golf course. 

Patrick reveals to Cassie he hasn't shared his medical issues with his wife, Serena. In fact, they're separated. She says he focuses too much on work. He thinks that if you want to be the best at what you do, you have to put in the time.

He declines lavendar oil for his headache for aspirin.

Donovan's father barges into Abigail's office to confront her about the golf course. Threats are made and lawyers will get involved.

Cassie worries that Stephanie is going out with the wrong man when Stephanie wonders if a pair of earrings will get liked by Vincent. 

Patrick apologizes to Sam for his treatment of him in med school. He was jealous. Sam points out Serena put them both to shame.

Martha is the first person on the Bistro's open mic night with a terrible poem about Middleton.

Olivia jumps the line to do her poem when Prince Harry suggests she should do it.

Prince Henry finds Olivia's forthright attitude wonderfully charming. He plans a date with Olivia.

Vincent wonders what Prince Henry of Cordonia is doing in Middleton. This news comes as a surprise to Olivia, who doesn't seem pleased about it.

Cassie knows what's wrong with Patrick is his broken heart.

Prince Henry appears at the library during a reading to pull the Hallmark bit.

Donovan wants Abigail to give his dad what he actually wants for her own protection. 

Stephanie and Vincent have a great date. He wows her with his choice of restaurants. Why is he still on the market? Because being on the high seas takes you away from land and love.

He offers to help Stephanie in her quest for the perfect food truck.

Prince Henry wants to give Olivia a gift on their date. Cassie shows him to the journals. They talk about truth and love.

Martha tells Olivia that Prince Henry is already engaged to Lady Georgina, Duchess of Southerly. His family was going to make a big announcement. He wants the chance to explain, but she's not hearing it. 

He says he's not even engaged in his mind. It's all his parents doing.

The kid who also works with Abigail tells Grace the Merriwicks are the caretakers of magic. Aww.

Sam begins to agree with Cassie's assessment that Patrick is suffering from broken heart syndrome.

The prince announces that he's usurping Cassie's place on Middleton Today to discuss his love life.

Martha wraps up the show after two minutes not realizing the length of it.

Donovan visits Abigail who is still not enjoying being Mayor.

Stephanie gets a visit from Adam who has been very busy. His little league team was in the playoffs. Stephanie decides to donate a dinner for two for Adam's silent auction. 

Vincent steps up they all chat. Vincent has great ideas for Stephanie and the food truck. He thinks it would do really well there. the two men are going to vy for her heart.

Patrick sees Cassie and Sam kissing over dessert and recalls his time with Serena. The two of them had a long talk. He's going home.

Everyone agrees the crepes are magical because they're made with loooove.

Donovan Davenport put the town line back so that Martha's house is again in Middleton. Abigail gives up the chair with no reget, and Martha sinks into it happily.

Who the hell is Luke??? He's a plant!

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Abigail: Wishing Well Park is a Middleton landmark.
Donovan: And the birthplace of the Merriwick/Davenport curse.
Abigail: You believe in curses?
Donovan: It's the only reason I haven't asked you out.
Abigail: Or maybe you thought I'd say no.

You know, Cassie Nightengale, one of these days, I will surprise you.