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It's college acceptance season. Nick gets into his pick after receiving a fat envelope. Grace gets her first rejection when presented with a much thinner counterpart.

An artist presents Martha with a painting that looks quite cartoonish. The woman says she tapped into her deeper potential that people don't really see. She meditates and reads Martha's aura for the painting.

There are two girls staying at Grey House to reconnect, but the one getting married seems to be a little too into her phone.

Sam is taking his students on rounds when a student discovers one recent accident victim didn't report all of his issues after the crash. Mr. Holmberg doesn't want to miss the father/daughter tennis tournament next week.

Doctor Harkins is the star pupil.

Martha has commissioned a portrait of herself to show the good people of Middleton just how much she loves serving them. Oy.

Nick is concerned that since other students have been designing video games a lot longer than he has that he won't measure up.

George's old college love was a truck which he says Nick can have if it gets it up and running.

Stephanie feels like she's taking advantage of Vincent, but he proposes they become partners for the food truck.

Luke wonders what's going on with Grace. He's meeting Martha for the first time. To make Grace's day better, Martha assigns the two to write a dissertation on her family, the great Endicotts. She'll pick the intern she most likes to remain.

Adam reports to Sam that Dr. Harkins has terrible bedside manner and was hard with Mr. Holmberg.

Donovan visits Abigail, makes her put together a bouquet for a date, and then asks her to go on one with him.

Chelsea immediately begins looking at her phone after the hike.

Luke tries to get Grace to open up to him.

The next painting of Martha is even more cartoon than the original.

Stephanie is worried about going into business with Vincent. Cassie tells her choices are good.

Paige meets one of her podcast watchers at Yoga and since Chelsea is on the phone and admiring her ring, Paige takes off with Harper to talk about journalism.

Luke gives Grace a coffee pick-me-up. She apologizes about her demeanor. It's even worse that Luke got into Kenser when she didn't. He thinks it's expensive, but she says he goes to what must be a private school. It's complicated.

Abigail talks with Cassie about Donovan asking her out, and she doesn't know why she's so nervous with him. Cassie wonders if she's ever liked anyone as much as Donovan.

Dr. Harkins is dismissive, but not rude. He doesn't understand that he has to speak outside the textbook by using compassion, which is as healing as medicine. Dr. Harkins says Sam is right. They didn't teach that in med school.

Once the shoe is on the other foot, Chelsea doesn't feel very good being dismissed.

Sam gets home from work and doesn't get a hi Sam from Cassie. She always surprises him, he says. He wants to talk about Dr. Harkins.

Vincent is sure he can keep his personal life with Stephanie apart from their work on the food truck, and they shake on their future.

Donovan has a dog named Klondike. Abigail is the first woman Donovan has ever introduced him to. He got him as an abandoned pup after he lost his first election.

Nick is ready to throw in the towel on the old truck after just a few cursory changes. George offers to help.

Donovan cooked lunch for Abigail. They both want to get together. She's worried about the Davenport Merriwick curse, but he's up for the challenge.

Adam thinks Dr. Harkins doesn't look happy at the four-week rotation with the chaplain, but Harkins turns around and thanks Sam for the opportunity.

The truck turns over with George making his point about learning any skill when you put your mind to it.

Abigail is upset that she was, of all things, pleasant on her date with Donovan. Cassie assures her that it's alright for him to see what a beautiful person she is.

Paige finds a walkie talkie Grace is donating to the toy drive. It's one just like she had with Chelsea growing up. The "lost" walking talkie is in Chelsea's hands, and the two reconnect remarking they'll always find room in their lives for each other.

Luke and Grace wrote the Endicott paper together, falling right into Martha's hands by building a team!

There is a new, equally awful painting but Martha loves it.

Vincent has a sweet dinner planned inside the food truck for Stephanie. They seem to be on different pages again.

Sam and Adam toast to compassion, pleased they're on each other's team.

Martha asks Cassie about how she does what she does, and Cassie stays mum.

Grace returns home after the longest day ever, but it's not the worst, and that plases Cassie. Grace spots an unopened letter in with the magazines. She got into Cassie's alma mater!

She'll be just fine.



Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Cassie: But it sounds like what you two really need is a little one-on-one time. You know, you should hike up to Fosters Woods.
Chelsea: It sounds pretty.
Cassie: It is, and I think you'll find it surprisingly free of distractions.

Grace: Is that the mail?
Sam: Why so curious? It's not like it's college acceptance season.
Nick: More like college rejection season.
Grace: No! Think positive. We got this.