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There's a Middleton progressive dinner to introduce the town to Joy.

Joy wants to make dream candles. I want one!

Martha has another friend!

Nick is home to do an interview with the Merriwicks.

Cassie is signing up for a drawing class at Middleton Art Studio. Sam thinks she needs the classes.

Through the interview, Nick pulls out a lot of stuff from Joy, and the three ladies continue being in sync. Joy was initially intimidated, she says.

Martha wants to fill in for Dear Debbie.

The Merriwicks all ponder their dreams. Joy has a pina colada, Key-West-sunset dream. Cassie has done everything. What's left to dream?

They find Elizabeth's candle, which hasn't been lit. They light it.

Joy arrives at Martha's to see Carter, who has sold the clock face to Martha.

Stephanie is getting shish kabobs ready for the dinner when Wes asks for a cold brew coffee.

Wes wants to celebrate once the cabin officially sells.

Nick might be struggling in school, and Joy shares her thoughts on learning about design, which entailed more than she ever imagined.

Donovan wants to know Abigail's dream. She wants to live in Tuscany.

It's going to be a sticking point. Donovan can't get it off of his mind, but Abigail doesn't want to wait 30 years to achieve her dreams, either.

Cassie influences Donovan to the Italian coffee. Then she visits Sam to talk about France. She wants to see it with him. He surprises them both when he says they should do it.

Nick confides in Cassie that he failed his physics exam. He's worried he'll get kicked out of his major.

Martha gets a Dear Debby about keeping secrets, and it gets her engines going.

Abigail and Martha scuffle over appetizers and hors d'oeuvres.

Carter, the carpenter, quit. Martha wants joy to find another in less than 24 hours. Stephanie suggests Carter!

Steph tells Adam she and Wes hugged. Maybe she needs some space. She doesn't. Adam does.

Stephanie and Adam tell each other I love you. Awww.

Sam didn't do well at things in school, too, but he wants Nick to get back up since he's been knocked down.

Cassie tells Martha the letter writer isn't who she thinks it is.

Elizabeth's dream was never to stop learning.

Torn Over Mystery was Tom, and Elizabeth was thrilled he knew her so well to keep her on her toes.

Right after a toast, Adam's arm clenches, and he can't right it. Sam attends while everyone looks on.

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Do you want to be right or do you want to twinkle like a star?


Joy: I may have an even greater idea.
Abigail: This should be interesting.
Joy: Well, actually, it's Elizabeth Merriwick's idea.
Cassie: I love making dream candles.
Joy: Well, we should do it.
Cassie: We should!
Abigail: Do you two want to tell me what you're talking about?
Joy: It's an old Merriwick tradition. [reading] A candlemaker etches their dream into the wick tap and then lets the wit set.
Abigail: Once the candle burns down, their dream is supposed to come true. Well, I'm in.