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Sam is strumming his guitar waiting for blueberry muffins, which are already in the oven. How did Sam not smell them?

Sam is very uneasy about performing surgery on a friend. Cassie says that's not unexpected.

Martha is planning a soiree to get a sister city in France. George drops by to give them a tour of Middleton.

Adam is getting wheeled into surgery. He's groggy and full of love. Stephanie is by his side.

She needs someone to hold her hand while she waits (that's me saying it, not Stephanie!).

And like magic, Martha and Cassie are there for Stephanie, getting her vending machine snacks.

Martha gets a rare coin in the vending machine.

Joy and Abigail are flanking Stephanie, who realizes she never baked the macaroons. Everyone offers to help.

Joy had a dream that Abigail and Donovan broke up under a crescent moon. She's worried, but Cassie says just because you had a dream doesn't mean you should stop it.

Adam's surgery went well. Everyone is thrilled.

George playing cards with the French, betting cookies.

Respect for Henri gets George to pronounce his name correctly.

Cassie is in the quad again, overseeing students and sharing her stories.

College is supposed to be about great memories. And this girl is one of Cassie's new students, much to the girl's embarrassment.

Donovan needs his phone, and it's in Abigail's bag. He's angry that she didn't charge the phone he left under her couch cushion all night.

Martha, in a beret, is adorable.

Henri doesn't seem flattered when he says Martha flatters them.

Joy can't help but tell Abigail about her dream. Abigail is concerned that the curse is using Joy now, too. And it's a crescent moon tonight.

Adam awakens. His hair is perfectly coiffed.

When Sam asks Adam to squeeze his hands, he cannot move his right hand. Sam's not overly concerned, but Adam immediately believes the worst.

Student Zach is late for the museum tour. He's the boy who was early aggravating the young woman.

Her name is Sydney. Cassie wants to teach her about perspective using her and Zach as examples. While Sydney felt weird, Zach felt peaceful until Cassie asked everyone to stand around him.

Cassie knows a lot about Boulevard Mount Ront (?).

Martha has planted all things French around Middleton, including a mime. But the envoy enjoyed the truth George shared.

Abigail and Donovan worry over Joy's dream.

They need to crack the code to break the curse, and to do that they need to go back to the beginning.

Cassie both challenges and soothes her new students.

Martha wants George's secret. If she went to France, would she want to eat meatloaf and apple pie?

Abigail and Donovan are looking for clues in the hidden room when things begin to go down, just as Joy recalls from her dream.

They find a crescent moon on the wagon, but Martha calls with an emergency. Joy heads off to help so that Abigail and Donovan can continue their research.

Adam can't remember how he holds his toothbrush. He just knows that he did it.

Stephanie gets Adam some cheese peanut butter crackers.

At the hospital, George meets Samantha. They flirt.

Martha wants to dump the French theme for the party and delivers a lump of wisdom at Joy: Sometimes, you gotta break up to makeup.

George and Cassie talk about him wooing Samantha. She assures him that he doesn't have to woo; you just need to be you.

Sam and Stephanie commiserate over Adam. She thinks that just sitting there in silence doesn't help. Sam disagrees.

Sydney thinks a B is a bad grade and wants her grade to change. She's even more shocked when she discovers Zach got a B, as well, and all he did was a sketch versus all of her research.

Seeing a crescent moon in your dream represents a mysterious aspect.

Joy tells Abigail and Donovan that breaking up is their only chance and being together and sucks all of the air right out of the room.

When Stephanie takes Adam's hand, he responds.

George and Samantha meet at the vending machine, which is beginning to become a character in its own right.

Samantha offers to split a snack with George, but he begs away.

Sydney has changed her perspective, and she's more open to new friendships, too.

Cassie and Sam are in the same spot from the morning, sharing another kiss. They share details about their days.

Joy and Abigail worked miracles for the former soiree, and the ambassadors are super stoked.

Sam and Cassie share loaded baked potato skins.

The wagon was a traveler's wagon, and travelers were known for curses. If a traveler cast the curse, they need to find a member of the same family to break the curse.

Donovan shares mini-corndogs with Abigail. They discuss breaking up to support Joy's theory as they gaze at the crescent moon.

George runs into Samantha at the party. She goes with sliders, which are George's favorite. She offers to split them, and they trade sea references in relation to their dating situation.

There is no entertainment, but Sam plays a mean guitar, and Stephanie sings. She's not into the crowd aspect of it, but her friends insist. Adam has joined the party via the iPad that George delivered.

Henri wants to make their sisterhood official. He gives Martha a key to their city. In reciprocity, Martha will present the half-dollar that Cassie gussied up.

The 200th birthday coin to seal their union.

It's time for the entertainment! Martha introduces Middleton's newest duo, Sam and Stephanie.

Oh, they sing You've Got A Friend!

It's so perfect!!!

The crack in the ruby is getting longer. The closer they get to breaking the curse, the worse the crack gets. They need to figure out a way to slow it down.

Abigail shares with Joy that she and Donovan have broken up.


Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm confident you're going to get that movement back.


Stephanie: Only you could make a hospital gown look cute.
Sam: She really DOES love you.
Adam: It could be the sedative talking; I love you both.