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Cassie hasn't seen her parents' kite since she was 10. The flew it every year on their anniversary until the string broke and carried it away.

It was the winter before they died the last time they flew it.

Joy is dreaming of her mother and father again, and a time when her mother took off a necklace and said, "to our next chapter." Joy was an adult and called out to him right after the skies went dark.

Cassie thinks the necklace was an amulet. Joy doesn't recall the necklace from real life. Perhaps her mom wanted to protect her dad on his journey. Joy can't believe mom would have let him go if she knew he needed protecting, but Cassie says some journeys are unavoidable.

George and Adam discuss ways to raise the money to move the church. Adam wants to bring Cassie in for focus on where to park it, and George wants to bring in Sam to distract him from his injury.

Taking Sam to the Leopard's Club will be a good way to get him and Adam back on the same page, and Adam decides he'll take Donovan so he doesn't look like a weirdo by himself when bumping into Sam and George.

Joy is working on Stephanie's place when Steph brings her some coffee and donuts, which Steph says is collateral for Joy's work. Haha. They rib each other over dates when Joy gets a squirrel pic sporting a bow tie and Steph gets a message that Sean will be early.

Stephanie doesn't know what to wear. What's casual? Stephanie doesn't seem to do casual.

Donovan got a meeting with someone important and is bearing champagne to celebrate. Joy gets out her Exchange gift. They toast to the next chapter.

Abigail gets a strange look on her face.

Stephanie bribes Martha for a parking ticket. No go.

The champagne glasses have Willow View carved on the bottom, and Abigail thinks it's leading them straight to Joy's dad.

All four fellas are at the Leopard Lodge. Donovan thinks the place is cray-cray until George reveals they're all pledges for the lodge.

Joy is looking at her shell when Cassie comes into her room to tell her that she doesn't have to join them to the Willow View.

They trade childhood stories about bedtime.

Martha wakes up with a bouquet of dead roses in bed beside her, and she screams bloody murder.

Joy brings her runes on the trip. Abigail thinks that the idea of opening her own ad agency is better than the real thing.

A runestone that means Joy is missing from the bag.

Stephanie laughs at Adam's Lodge experience.

Adam eggs Stephanie to get her to tell him about a date. He knows exactly what she means by casual. Couple glasses of cab and a cheese board.

Martha blames "Stepho" for breaking her heart with the bouquet.

Adam knows it's a Godfather quote. Stepho assures Martha that she'd never mess with her roses over a parking ticket, but Martha doesn't buy it.

Joy is seeing her dad in everybody at the Willow View, and Cassie and Abigail begin to worry.

Joy sees him again, and he's working at the Willow View. She doesn't understand how he doesn't know his own daughter.

Martha lures in Sam and George to her shenanigans, calling Stephanie the Bell of the Bistro. She's hoping to get an invitation to Grey House while Tom is away. She succeeds.

George has three tasks for the pledges before they can join the cat pack. Donovan sees it with disdain.

The first ball says to mop the floors blindfolded. Adam says if Sam thinks it's too goofy, they can just skip it, and that makes Sam angry.

The Merriwicks discuss their first intuitions. Cassie's was that she would never see her parents again. She never tried to stop them, and it still eats her up.

Ahtram is spelled on the fridge in Jam. She freaks out.

Abigail wants to chat with the fellow Joy thinks is her dad. He's not happy about it. He can't tell her about 23 years ago because he can't remember. He woke up at 27 and forgot everything before that.

Abigail stops. What's in his pocket?

Stephanie is on her way out the door when Sean arrives. He's got dinner for them and a video game for them to play.

Sean has Stephanie's worst date in his bag. BBQ and root beer.

Joy and Cassie discuss their rough trip as Abigail arrives with Elliott in tow. He has the missing rune stone in his pocket.

Joy cannot believe it.

The guys are eating hot peppers as their next challenge. Sam wonders what Adam is doing. Adam says he's hanging with him. Sam says he's taking Adam down this time, and Adam drinks the milk.

Phillip says that Joy's mom knew something wasn't safe, and she sent him away. They were trying to protect her from losing them both. Mom gave dad tea to drink so he could go through with it. Joy asks about the amulet, and Elliott says that he was tasked with protecting it because it would one day protect them. He can take them to it.

Sean gets a message from his buddy Eric who needs help with a big decision.

Sean says that it sounds like Stephanie has the mantra of someone who plays it safe. She counters with owning three businesses. He wonders if she ever considered broadening her horizons, and she picks up the game controller and fries the troll, seriously impressing Sean. She grabs a rib.

Phillip takes them to Diamond Line Studios, and there is no tree. The magic of the movies scuttles the magic of the Merriwicks.

George and his friend argue, and Adam and Sam have different opinions on whether their approach to fixing issues is the right one.

George makes the fellows full-fledged members, but then some guy objects.

Sean says that maybe next time they can try her idea of casual, and she admits she had a good time.

The guy had a beef with Adam. They were in chess club 20 years ago in high school, and he, Jason, was called Jason Was a Loser instead of Jason Wasalinzki when he got trounced for Adam. He blamed Adam for all of his ills and wants a rematch.

George's fellow is selling a piece of land that George realizes will work for the church.

Martha has hired security as she sleeps in the mayor's office.

Adam lost in two moves, and Sam wonders if Adam threw it. Donovan leaves, and George helps him with the door leaving Sam and Adam to converse.

Sam admits he had held a grudge, and Sam apologizes. Sam also admits that he was blaming Adam.

Joy and her dad talk about the past, and she asks him about how her parents met. Cotton candy booth at the county fair.

Cassie isn't sure that Abigail and Donovan will be OK, and it concerns Abigail. Cassie wishes that she could have done for them what Julia did for Philip.

That day, she promised herself she would never ignore her intuition again.

Stephanie got a C on her French quiz. She gives Sean an F for his casual date, and she says he gets a makeup date tomorrow.

She too will be grading on a curve.

Joy, Abigail, and Cassie pull runes. Water, gift, and protection.

Cassie thinks they need to make a wish.

Martha has been doing things in her sleep, including sending Stephanie an email pardoning her ticket.

Cassie arrives home, happy to be in Sam's arms. She has a lot to tell him. And then they go fly a kite.

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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Donovan: I never thought of myself as a Leopard Lodge kind of guy, and I was right.
Adam: Well, I'm Leopard material!

You know, they're going to start calling us a power couple, if we're not careful.