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Joy wakes up and jumps to her vision board.

The images are invading her dreams.

Tattoos, back handsprings, and more are on Stephanie's 14-year-old adventures list.

Martha is torn between emceeing the Middleton bridal expo and being a grandmama. She's considering handing over the keys to the kingdom to focus on what really matters.

Abigail and Donovan realize they know very little about each other. Donovan is allergic to aspirin. He doesn't know her favorite book or her astral sign. She thinks they need to go on a date and start again.

Sam got a call about his sister, Joanne, who has taken a fall. They're off to his childhood home to lend a hand.

Adam is preparing to give his first sermon. And it's an empty church. Stephanie arrives with a story about the Bistro's opening day with two customers. Keep the faith, George tells him.

Joy doesn't know if she should send Zoey flowers, and she and Abigail begin talking about how much they know about each other while Abigail and Donovan are in the dark.

Abigail feels off about her booth at the bridal expo, and she and Joy realize they're both wonky in the intuition department.

Martha finds her interim mayor in George.

Grant calls Adam to help Monica, who lost a patient today. They're both on edge as a result.

Sam is worried about Joanne. She just returned from an amazing trip to Namibia, and Sam needs her to slow down even if she sprained her ankle at the airport in New York.

Abigail meets Parker Jordan of Flower Universe. They're putting up a flower kiosk in the middle of town.

Sam used to do magic with grandpa under the Remarkable Radfords moniker. They even performed around town.

Sam hasn't talked about magic since grandpa died.

Zoey runs into Adam and asks for his advice about Joy. She feels like she's betraying Avery. Her concern is that yellow roses mean friendship, and Adam thinks taking that approach will assuage her guilt.

Donovan helps Stephanie consider items on her list.

Cassie tries to entertain Sam with some of her magic, but she fails miserably.

Martha turns over her mayoral power to George over a sandwich that doesn't appeal to her.

Grandpa's signature twist was the lemon twist. He would borrow a ring, and it would end up in the middle of a lemon. But he got the vanishing part down.

Sam hasn't practiced since magic didn't save his grandfather.

Joy seeks George's advice on Zoey, and he returns the favor she did him with Samantha.

Monica isn't receptive to religious conversation right now. She talks to him about her heart transplant and her patient and how much faith Edward had in his future when she was so scared about her transplant.

Monica can't figure out what she did wrong, and she's questioning her future in medicine.

Cassie and Joanne talk about Sam and how he's worried over her. But he also told Cassie that Joanne is the strongest person he knows.

Cassie sees a hope chest at the same time Abigail and Joy discuss them at the expo. The two women from the painting, Patience and Fortune, were sitting on a hope chest.

Sam walks in on Joanna resting on the floor after cracking an egg. She bent down to clean the egg and couldn't get back up. She's pushing against using a wheelchair.

Joanne reminds him that he stopped doing magic the day grandpa died.

Abigail finds a dress.

Stephanie got a henna tattoo instead of the real thing, and George pardons another parking ticket.

Cassie thinks that the key to getting Joanne into the wheelchair is the lemon twist.

Two people are squabbling in Martha's office about a vendor booth at the expo, and George didn't do it on his own. She did it while rocking a baby, so they both realized she could do it all.

Monica was born with CHD. Her doctor gave her hope like she gave it to Edward.

Abigail booked three weddings, and Expo sandbagged her, taking all of them. War's on.

Sam masters the lemon twist, but Joanne doesn't see it.

It looks like Abigail is going to Tuscany... There is a letter to Patience in the hope chest referencing the city.

Stephanie did a back handspring. Or, she didn't do one successfully and runs into Adam at the hospital. He took the job. The safe route. She knows the safe route well.

Adam thinks maybe she should think focusing on the goals she has now. Right back at cha, she says.

Abigail is so excited to show him her wedding dress. She laughs. What? They'll be cursed if they do things their own way? Bring it on.

Joanne is in the wheelchair, and Adam is preaching at the church.

Zoey gives flowers to Joy along with a photo of them, which Joy promptly puts on the vision board.

When they flip over the vision board, there is a saying. Beware the zenith of the red-haloed moon.

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Martha: By George, George, you're a regular Middleton encyclopedia.
George: I've been called worse.
Martha: But have you ever been called Mayor?
George: Pfft. I'm not really the political type.
Martha: No, but you are the type who loves this town and is proud to call it home.

Sounds to me like I just walked in on a Nightengale nudge.