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The Merriwicks share an exam talbe waiting to discover if modern medicine could be a miracle. Medically, nothing is wrong with them. Sam prescribes that they go home and make that amulet.

Joy saw how to make the amulet in a dream. But she cannot control what she dreams about. It just happens.

Cassie can make a tea to point her dream in the right direction.

Flashback to the originals making the amulet. Joy is learning how to make the amulet.

Joy thinks that Meredith knew Joy would be watching, so she explained the situation clearly.

Adam is sad that Stephanie got on a plane to Paris. George commiserates with him, until he spots Stephanie. She canceled the flight since the winds were too high.

It's all hands on deck to make the amulet. They're discovering what they have to amass to have the ingredients that will do the trick.

Joy has lunch with her dad and Zoey. Philip is having so much fun sharing stories from Joy's childhood with Zooey.

An old friend of Joy's is in Middleton. Her name is Charlotte. Seems like she's an old girlfriend.

Zooey thinks Joy should catch up with Charlotte.

Abigail wants to get married by the Forever Tree, and when she tells Donovan, he wonders if she might want to wait. She says no, and he shows her their reservations for Tuscany.

Sam finishes up the pre-op instructions with Tom, who wonders if he really has to go through with it.

Sam assures Tom that Mitral Valve repair has a 95% success rate. But he's good with it since he knows he was the best husband and father he could be, just as Sam has been.

The Merriwicks try the power of three to set the ingredients on fire, but they discover that there is no purple fmame. Inside of the orb is a note: Shake the family tree. They toss the wood onto the flame and it turns purple.

Martha has been worried that Tom wasn't home from his appointment yet. Tom has strawberries when he arrives, and she wonders if they mean the appointment went poorly. He's worried, but she won't blow smoke telling him that if it goes wrong she'll be alright. She wouldn't be.

The amulet cracks as soon as it's freed from the mold. When George comes with tea, they remember that they used gold when Fortune's amulet was silver.

Stephanie and Adam are about to leave together to visit the wishing well when he gets a call to visit the hospital.

Joy and Charlotte danced a lot together. It was their thing. Charlotte is wearing the earrings Joy got her for her 25th birthday. None of her relationships worked out because none of them were Joy.

Charlotte took on Dotty Davenport as a client because she knew that Joy lived in Middleton. Charlotte wants Joy back.

Vincent is in town to see Michael. He recognizes right away that something is going on.

Joy goes straight to Zoey's house. Zoey says that if Joy was going to say no to Charlotte, she would have done it already.

Joy has to go back into the dream again. Cassie helps her find the dream here. The purple satchels were right there. They need to add that dirt.

They pour another amulet and wait.

The wind is whipping, and Cassie and Vincent are bringing in items that could get damaged. Vincent is going to place an offer on a house. She wonders if it's too far.

Samantha give Zoey advice. Zoey has two left feet, but Samantha suggests that she take Joy salsa dancing. Samantha thinks she should ask Sam how to do it. He supposes.

Stephanie and Adam make new plans to visit the wishing well, and Stephanie blows out the candles she had for a special dinner.

Things are getting dire when the amulet is made, and they put it around Cassie's neck. They forgot to make the rest of the amulet, though.

Outside, the moon is haloed, and the Merriwicks join hands and stand under it.

The vision of Grace tries to lure Cassie to her, and when she takes a few seconds before she leaps, the tree falls revealing parts of Patience's amulet.

This time, the amulet refracts off of the moon and the power soars into the amulet. Cassie and Joy immedietly know that Abigail is eloping.

But it's Stephanie and Adam that are getting married.

As Adam starts reciting his vows, he gets seasick. It's Stephanie's dream, but it's Adam's nightmare. He can't finish his vows, and Stephanie finishes them for both of them.

Adam wants to join his wife in Paris.

Everyone dances, discussing their love.

Donovan is sitting alone at the bar. Abigail joins him wondering if it's something she said. It's something Donovan said.

Sam decides to change his ways. He wants to take Cassie on a trip around the world. He doesn't want to have any regrets in their marriage. He wants to spend every minute with her that he can.

Zoey and Joy salsa dance.

Abigail arrives just after Cassie and Joy talk about her. She knows they were talking about her. She's fine. She's considering moving to Tuscany. It was always her dream.

Monica was able to do a repair on Tom instead of a replacement. It was an ideal scenario.

Stephanie and Adam talk about kids. They both want three.

Cassie and Sam leave for their trip, and Abigail bums a ride to the airport.


Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Adam: With this ring, I promise you my heart.
Stephanie: With this ring, I promise you my neverending love.

Martha: You've always been my rock, Tom. It's OK to be worried.
Tom: I can't imagine not being here for you.
Martha: Well then, don't imagine it.