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The Merriwicks head into the woods to make wishes at the wishing well, discovering a bucket full of wishes that had never been granted.

Their own wishes? Joy wishes they knew what to do next since the amulet is gone. Cassie and Abigail don't share their wishes.

Middleton is getting ready to have a roller disco night, and Martha is thrilled. Even Sam says he's a roller disco king.

At the mention of Logan Mann and his fans, the Mann Handlers, Martha and Joy discover the hit recording artist was once in a band with Sam in high school!

Martha doesn't believe him, but Six String Sammy is proven right when Logan Mann arrives at the bistro. Martha even knows his favorite beverage.

Logan asks them to be his guest at the concert tonight, and Cassie only accepts if he'll be theirs afterward.

Adam and George are chatting about the church.

Playing with Sam was the best time of Logan's life. Martha wants him to sign her poster and 45 records.

Logan is worried when Sam reports that he's hurt his shoulder and hasn't operated.

Sam and George hit up Logan for a benefit concert to save the church.

Boyd Franklin and his wife, Gloria, are playing squash when Donovan and Abigail hit them up on the court. They decide to play doubles in the future. Donovan is worried about Abigail's behavior in Boyd's presence, but Boyd and Gloria seem to appreciate it.

Adam asks if Stephanie can provide the snacks and beverages for the concert, and they start talking about Stephanie's date with Sean. Adam pulls out of the conversation after the mention of ribs.

George visits his friend, Samantha, at the hospital and asks her to dinner.

Tom suprprises Martha with a trip to Buenos Aires.

Sam and Logan reminisce, and Logan says that Sam played Stairway to Heaven better than Jimmy Page.

Donovan isn't impressed with Abigail's winning attitude, and she disagrees that Boyd will respect her lightly tossing the game.

George was going to ask Samantha an important question on their date, but he begins doubting himself. Cassie does her thing, and he swings around again.

Martha has enough bags for months of travel, and Tom laughs at her. He delivers Dottie's homecoming tiara to her. In her excitement to walk the runway wearing it, she trips and sprains her ankle.

Once upon a time, Martha wished for a way to ditch dodgeball. She was in sixth grade. Three old wishes have come true. She's been making wishes at that well her whole life.

George delivers on dessert, Samantha says, just before he puts on a 45 record that she danced to at prom.

He asks her to go steady, and she blanches.

A guy named Kyle comes into the bistro. They're Camp Weehawken buddies and her first kiss. Adam lets that out of the bag just before Sean arrives. Suddenly, they're all making funnel cakes together.

Ellen reaches out on the radio again. Cassie invites Ellen to Grey House, but Ellen counters with one to her place.

Joy arrives to find George with two pints of ice cream. Samantha turned him down, saying she wasn't interested in anything serious, but Joy wonders if maybe he took it too fast.

At the tennis match, Boyd and Gloria announce they haven't lost in years, and he offers a little wager. Abigail suggests $500, and Donovan thinks more in the line of losing team buys lunch. Abigail and Cassie continue to disagree.

Joy is nervous about her date, and all Cassie has to say is that Joy should do Joy.

Sam has another MRI, and he's worried about it. He tossed a coin in the wishing well, and she admits she made the same wish.

Cassie visits Ellen and cannot believe how much she looks like Shelly Jelly. Cassie is surprised that her mother's name was Jelly, and Ellen is surprised that she didn't know. Ellen knew Jelly to have a sixth sense about things.

Cassie's mom called Cassie her most precious gift. She knew she was going to change people's lives.

The tennis match isn't going well, and Abigail pushes him to play well.

Logan doesn't have what Sam does, and he's envious.

George visits Samantha, who tries to get away from him. He wants her to know that there isn't any pressure. He'll be there when she's ready. She doesn't want him to wait, but he thinks the wait will be worth it.

Things go very well with Boyd and Gloria, and they want to talk tennis and Donovan's bid for governor.

Joy is obsessing over her date.

Sam thanks Cassie for everything before he leaves for his MRI.

Stephanie and Abigail talk juggling men, and when Martha arrives on her scooter with more chocolate than she could ever eat, Stephanie realizes that one of her 14-year-old self wishes just came true, too.

Sam was cleared for duty.

Samantha gives George a rose as a thank you.

Joy and Zoey's date goes swimmingly, and they're there 30 minutes after the restaurant closed and still interested in more. Zoey thought it was embarrassing, but Joy has that beat with her first job interview that had spinach covering her tooth.

They had a really great time, and Zoey doesn't want it to end, so Joy asks her to a rock concert.

Stephanie gets a rose from a secret admirer.

Ellen attends the concert.

Adam didn't send the rose, nor did Kyle. Sean didn't give it to her either. Quite the conundrum, but I bet if she thinks of past wishes, she'll figure it out.

Logan offers Sam a guitar to join him on stage. It's time to get the band back together!

Most of the guests are friends of the family, so it might not be much of a fundraiser, but everyone has a really good time!

They raised enough to move the church but not enough to buy the land. Ellen, though, has plenty, and she won't accept a cent.

Abigail sent Stephanie the rose. She's trying to kick Stephanie into gear, focusing on herself instead of the guys in her life.

Tom and Martha have Buenes Aires in their living room, and she's happy as heck since her most important wish came true years ago.

Joy and Zoey are still on their date, eating ice cream in the dead of winter.

Cassie is thrilled with her mother's letter, and Abigail is happy with how things went with Donovan. When the cousins meet up again, a painting falls from the wall. There's a painting under the painting that reveals two women wearing the amulet.

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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't know which is more exciting, Buenos Aires or that you were cleaning!


Martha: It's like 1988 all over again! Break our your leg warmers, the shoulder pads, and Logan Mann!
Joy: You're a Mann handler?
Martha: Ever since Jumpstart My Heart went to number one with a bullet!