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Dean brings a box of free socks to the office that a store gave him. Stewart tells him that he came here to leave behind his celebrity status, but he's not living a normal life. Dean decides he's going to try doing things the normal way. 

Stewart and Deb are planning a weekend away, but his mechanic keeps pushing back when his car will be done. 

Dean gets pulled over and the cop plans to let him go, but Dean asks for a ticket. Dean gets the idea to fight it in court. 

The cop is forced to come to court on his day off because Dean chooses to fight a ticket he didn't even want to give him. The judge agrees to throw out his ticket. 

Dean Sr. tells Stewart to ask Dean to help him get his car done. 

Deb has a new assistant who is terrible, but she feels she can't fire her because she's already fired two other assistants. 

Stewart gets Dean to give him a ride to the mechanic's and exploits his celebrity to get his car ready in time for his trip. He tells him it will be free.

When they leave the dealership, the same cop pulls them over and tells them they sped off without paying and arrests them.

Stewart realizes he can use Dean's celebrity to get them out of jail. 

Deb fires her assistant. 


The Grinder
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The Grinder Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Stewart: You know Dean just because you walk away after you say stuff doesn't mean you made a point.
Dean Sr: But it really does help.

Dean: Does this favor in any way involve me using my celebrity for personal gain?
Stewart: Yes, but-
Dean: The answer is yes, I'm afraid my answer is no. I'd like to help but I've left that life behind, and I cannot imagine going back.
Stewart: It's been two days, Dean.