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The family is watching The Grinder: New Orleans on TV. Everyone tells Dean how much they didn't like it. 

The discussion continues at the firm until Cliff Bemis arrives to talk to Dean. He wants Dean to appear on the new show so that he can kill off his character. He tells him Mitch can either be killed on screen or off. 

Dean is torn about what to do and Stewart helps him realize that Mitch means too much to him to let him die. 

Stewart gets the firm to go through contracts and find something that can keep Bemis from killing off the character. 

Stewart finds a clause in the contract that prevents Bemis from killing off Mitch without Dean's permission. Instead, Dean pitches a new scene in which Mitch becomes a judge. 

Ethan has girl trouble and Dean and Stewart disagree on their advice to him. 

Dean realizes Stewart was only helping him to keep the door open for him to go back to the show. 

Stewart watches Dean shoot the scene and feels guilty for pushing him into it. He interrupts the scene and tells him he wants Dean to kill the character. 

Dean signs off on killing the character. 

Claire hooks up with Timothy Olyphant. 



The Grinder
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The Grinder Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Dean: It's weird because if he dies, a part of me dies.
Stewart: Yeah, that is very weird.

First my TV brother stabs me in the back and now my real one. I don't know which one hurts worse.