A Difficult Decision - The Handmaid's Tale
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June is recalling her first days at the Red Center when she was just learning about being a Handmaid. Aunt Lydia is training them how to humble themselves, how to walk, hold their hands, their eyes and address their Aunts. They never believed what they were experiencing would last days, let alone years.

June was taken to a room with what appeared to be a portable air compressor and an old-fashioned wooden chair. It's where they implanted a tracking device into the top of her ear.

Now, the Handmaids are an army of their own, uniforms and all.

June arrives home from the shopping with her package, puts it behind the bathtub and is greeted by Serena Joy with a blast to the head. She trusted her. Does she have anything to say for herself? Serena tosses the dress on June's body. She drags June into the bathroom and demands she pee onto a pregnancy stick.

Serena Joy prays over the pregnancy stick and walks into the bathroom to June. Praise be his mercy. He's answered our prayers. She's pregnant.

June remembers when pregnancy was joyful. 

Serena Joy gets joy from telling Fred she knows about June and that it's not his. 

June begins receiving special treatment from Martha. Nick is pleased and puts his hand on her stomach. Serena Joy walks in on their moment, and Nick looks back at her, getting up to leave. When Serena Joy asks June to get her cloak, Nick asks if they'll need the car. No, they've made other arrangements.

It's a long drive ahead, and Serena Joy suggests June get comfortable. Oh, and don't touch the curtains. June notices the armed guard who will be accompanying them.

Moira is continuing her escape across a frozen landscape. She finds a car in a barn. It says Ontario. She collapses, laughing out loud.

Serena Joy has brought her knitting onto the trip. They're "here." June wonders where "here" is, but Serena Joy isn't sharing. 

Serena Joy gets out of the car, goes to the door of a house and begins a visit with Hannah, all dressed in pink. It's like June's worst nightmare, but Serena Joy has just proven to June the power she has over her.

Serena Joy tells June that as long as her baby is safe, so is hers. June begins calling Serena Joy evil, deranged and a goddamned fucking monster. A fucking sadistic, mother fucking evil monster, saying she'll burn in hell, you mother fucking evil cunt. Serena Joy merely tells her not to get upset. It's not good for the baby.

Commander Putnam is testifying before the others, admitting what he did. The red flags look too much like Nazi paraphernalia. 

Fred doesn't take it seriously enough for Commander Price, and the latter shocks Fred when he says Mrs. Putnam went to him and asked he receives the harshest sentence possible. That sentence appears to be losing his left arm.

June attempts to see Nick, but he doesn't answer the door. She then decides to go to see Fred, who says it's a nice surprise. Fred says he's had quite a day. How about her? She wants him to protect her daughter. From Serena Joy.

That leads to the inevitable question. Is it his? But nobody believes anybody at this point. 

June finally looks into the package she stashed behind the bathtub. They are letters from Handmaids begging everyone, anyone for help. They are stories of those left behind of who they were, who they are now and who they wish again to be. June cries.

Moira is in a Canadian way station of sorts. It's mac and cheese night. She has no family in Canada, but the fellow who is speaking with her will be her new best friend. She'll be assigned a case worker and gets a refugee card. She receives a pre-paid cell phone, prescription drug card, clothes, $470 in cash and a $200 cab card. Moira is stunned, speechless. She may be moved to another country. The refugee list must be high. The countries may be part of the former United States for all we know.

Fred visits with Serena Joy in the nursery to apologize. He begins praying. Don't do that, she says, tears in her eyes. Serena Joy realizes the person bringing a new life into the world is June. Fred reminds her June will be gone after the birth, and they'll be the family.

The Handmaids are called to a salvaging, but when they get there, it's different. Everybody is wondering what is happening. There is a pile of rocks and a chain, similar to a dog chain, in the midst of the circle they will create. 

Janine is soon pulled to the circle, waving and saying "hi," to each of them, a big smile on her face. The punishment for harming a child is death by stoning. Aunt Lydia is trying to urge the crowd to do their duty, tears streaming down her face. Janine says, "not too hard, OK?" 

Of all people, Ofglen stands up, refusing to hurt Janine. An armed guard smashes her face with the butt of his rifle. Janine leans in, asking Ofglen if she's OK. Aunt Lydia cries for the girls to do their duty. June gets a look on her face, one only Elisabeth Moss can make. She steps forward. Aunt Lydia has a look of concern on her face. She will not let the man shoot June. She drops the rock in front of Janine.

"I'm sorry Aunt Lydia," takes on a completely different meaning than it did at the Red Center, but Aunt Lydia appreciates it all the same. All the Handmaids follow suit. Aunt Lydia tells them to go home. 

Moira walks into the hallway at the refugee center to discover Luke coming down the hall. She was on his list. Of family.

June doesn't care that she's in disgrace for refusing to have killed Janine. She will never stop trying to make things better for Hannah. 

Nick comes into the room, "Just go with it. Trust me," he says. Finally, they come. Martha is in the hallway, worried. June whispers to her. Martha finds the package in the bathroom.

Serena Joy wonders where they are taking June. She calls for Fred. Serena Joy is angry. "After everything we've done for you," she sneers.


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The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

It's their own fault. They should have never given us uniforms if they didn't want us to be an army.


Single line please. Boy. Look at these outfits. Parade of sluts! Take your hands out of your pocket. Did I say 'run,' you in the vest? Semi-circle! Equi-distant! Hands clasped, eyes down, girls.

Aunt Lydia