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Luke, June and Hannah crash their car as they attempt to escape from the US. This is the story of what happened next to Luke.

Before the police arrived, Luke had his gun out and loaded. They were both firing. Luke was shot and bleeding.

He was remembering June and Hannah singing karaoke as he was being transported in the ambulance. The road was icy and the ambulance crashed, landing upside down. Luke was on a secure gurney, hanging from the ceiling. That saved him.

Luke tries to find out where Rt. 201 is located, but he's on his own.

While he's stumbling around, he recalls how their journey began, in the trunk of a car where the driver made them leave all their belongings behind, but his past date with a cop's sister for prom got them through a hairy moment.

In a cabin surrounded by snow, they holed up somewhere near the border.

Luke is surprised how unprepared he is. His contact has to get him new documents because the visas he has are worthless.

He's awakened being kicked. Someone thinks he's a guardian, but he assures them he was a part of an ambulance crash. They took his daughter and wife, he swears!

He's taken in by a good group of people and swooped away.

He remembers breakfast at the cabin, pancakes with chocolate chips.

A girl in the bus is screaming. She's unnamed as of yet because of the horrors she suffered while the fertile women were being gathered. She has a red band on her ear. Luke worries.

A "hunter" comes by and gets the small family trapped on the lake. He has a dog and a gun. The gig is up.

Luke can't believe how far from his family he's traveling.

The guy returns to the cabin under the guise of helping the family. Their contact is dead, strung up from a street lamp in town. He thinks what is happening is pretty fucked up and has a friend who can meet them at the border if they can make it past Jackman.

Luke gets on the boat, covering No Name, but Zoe is caught in a shootout and left behind.

Three years later he's in Little America in Toronto with the gal. They share an apartment, but she still doesn't talk. He has a cell phone, their apartment has power.

Luke gets a call from what appears to be the American Embassy. There are fliers and photos lining the halls. He has no idea why he's there. The woman hands Luke a package from June. He is not expecting it.

Inside is a tiny note. Cigarettes After Sex rises in the background as Luke begins to cry and asks for a minute.

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hannah: We're outta syrup again.
Luke: What?
Hannah: We're outta syrup again.
Luke: That's because you eat pancakes every day.
Hannah: I'm trying to set a record!

Woman: You're going to bleed to death.
Luke: Fuck you!