June Navigates Gilead - The Handmaid's Tale
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June's doing her daily workout routine in the building. It culminates at the wall. It has grown to a much larger memorial. She seems to have made sure everybody got a part of their lives at the wall.

She's been at the Boston Globe for two months. Women are adaptable, her mother used to say. What has she gotten used to?

Moira is running and cooking breakfast for Luke and the blonde girl who doesn't speak. Luke hopes they're getting ready for an invasion. It's 1775 all over again. 

June is listening to all kinds of things at the Boston Globe. Reading old papers, piecing together what happened after she was taken away from the world.

She remembers a night she and her mother were out feeding the ducks but really went to a protest. She loved seeing her mother in that mode. At the time, her mother was protesting rapists. The women were writing down the names of their rapists and burning them. She recalls there were so many it looked like snow.

Nick comes into the room. June didn't wake him because when she does, he leaves. He's heard from his contact. She should get ready to go. Go where? Can Hanna go? He doesn't have answers to those questions.

Moira is welcoming a new refugee to Canada. He was in the Army. Logistics and rapid deployment. They turned them all into first responders or something and he was soon hanging people on walls. Gender traitors. One of them was a guy he dated in college. Moira shows him the way to the trauma counselors.

When June next goes to get her bags of supplies from the friendly truck driver, it's her time to go. She doesn't even get to grab the bags she packed. 

Once in the truck, she remembers visiting her mom's house. It was full of women who had been protesting. Her mother isn't very proud of her accomplishments but is darned happy her friend Maura designed a website for a queer women's collective. Or maybe it was a way to bring June into the fold with her job as an assistant editor.

June's new locations is a wet warehouse filled with traffic signs. She can see her breath and a sign pointing to the Boston Airport. All the places she used to be able to go freely that are now a dream to her. She kneels before an "Entering Salem" sign when a man asks if she's a good witch or a bad witch. He's taking her to an airstrip west of Wooster. I don't think that's how you spell Wooster. 

A guy there has a plane. He's a smuggler.

The guy gets a message. He panics, says he's sorry, bumbles around a bit and heads toward his truck. He tries to run after saying the safehouse isn't safe, but June won't let him go without her. She stands in front of his van, tears in her eyes, whispering please over and over again. He pounds his hands on his steering wheel and gets her into the van.

They stop at a building and head up a staircase. He takes her to his home. It's where the regular people live. The man has a white wife. It's a regular apartment just like June used to have with Luke. Why did their family continue on like normal while hers was captured?

She plays trucks with his boy, whose name is Adam. The man's wife is very angry. She says that's how they threaten the fruitful, with the red dress and white wings. She says she would die before giving up her baby to someone else. Elizabeth says she's trying not to give her baby up and not giving up her baby is what she's trying to do now.

The family gets ready to go to church.

For the second time, June says thank you for taking me in. She asks Omar if he's brave or if he's stupid. He says he's not brave.

June's mother has been thinking about it and decides she shouldn't take all of her passion and give it to a man. Marrying Luke is a mistake. The country is going down the fucking tubes and she shouldn't be spending her time playing house.

After the family leaves for church, there is a knock at the door. June hides under the bed. She finds a hidden Torah and prayer mat. At 5, the family that was to be home at 2 has still not arrived.

Moira grabbed June's hand back in Handmaid training because in one of the Colonies photos was June's mother, Holly. The only thing she knew for sure was that her mother would fight like hell before she got killed.

June says she waited before and promised she'd never leave again. She goes into Omar's closet. It looks like his wife might have been a martha. In new attire, she looks out the window, takes money from Omar's pocket and leaves.

June just follows all of the other women on their way to wherever they're going. I have no idea if they're marthas or just plain women. Do they have plain women? There are guards on every train. 

A woman June connected with outside the train seems to be paying attention to where she's going. June is paying too much attention to her surroundings, looking out the window, etc. She gets off somewhere and walks slower than everyone else most likely because she has no idea where she's going. Eventually, she darts into the bushes. 

Once in the woods, June cannot stop thinking about Hannah and their time in the woods when her daughter was ripped from her arms. She recalls seeing her come out of the house. She doesn't want to leave her here, but she's running through a cornfield no with great determination. It's the airstrip. 

She's made it.

June sits down at the airport to wait. For men to rescue her, something she finds quite ironic.

Moira finds a got girl in a bar and takes her into the bathroom for sex. The girl tries to return the favor, but Moira assures her she's good. She says her name is Ruby when the girl says her name is Caitlyn. Did she go through the same process Emily did?

The silent blonde girl is silent no more.

The pilot arrives and believes June is a handmaid. He also believes some other dude who shows up is Commander Wells' driver. They head up into the night sky.

June wishes her mother were with her now so she could tell her she knows they did right by each other and better than most and to say she forgives her. She'd also ask Hannah to forgive her.

But before the plane gets into the air, Emily's fight for freedom is over. The plane is under attack, the driver pulled out of the back of the plane and before June can hang herself, she's pulled out, too.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

June: What does the bell do?
Adam: It watch people so they can come and help.

Nick: You didn't wake me up.
June: 'Cause if I wake you, then you leave. How's that a win for me?