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June is back in the hands of Gilead. She looks much like the woman she was shown earlier this season who was chained to a bed in the middle of a warehouse room. That's where June is now, recalling a story on NPR about pigballs, balls pigs were given to give them something to do while they were being fattened for slaughter.

Being called Offred doesn't sit well with June. But Aunt Lydia has an offer for Offred. Aunt Lydia mentions that when she visits and then pushes the red dress and headgear within reach of June before leaving the room.

June arrives back at the Waterfords, told she'll have to earn her place, prove that she's worthy.

Wiping the look of sheer disgust off of her face might prove a challenge June cannot conquer.

Aunt Lydia reminds June of her posture, shoving her head down toward her chest.

Fred welcomes Offred home. A bunch of praise bes are tossed around. He talks about the terrorist networks and their determination to rescue her from her kidnappers.

When Serena Joy joins them in the room, she and Fred clasp hands. Praise be. Praise be. What a bunch of bullshit.

Serena Joy looks concerned, and not only in an unpleasant way.

June shrugs off Aunt Lydia's hand and shows herself to her old room.

It somehow looks a lot more dismal than it did before she left. Looking out the window, there are leaves piled up all the way up the stairs to the apartment where Nick used to live.

Serena Joy comes to June's room, grabbing her by the neck. Thirty-two days, is all she says.

June is once again relaxing in a warm bath. It's been a while. She hears a noise while she's in there that startles her out of her rest. Seconds later, Aunt Lydia enters. The lights are down. She hands her a wash cloth and reminds her to wash everywhere. Down there, too. No nasty bacteria needs to get to the baby. June does so provocatively, with a sly sneer on her face.

Out of the tub, we can see now that June is showing her pregnancy.

Aunt Lydia is still there in the morning to wake her and ensure she bathes and has a clean dress.

Martha (Rita) has for her a clump of envelopes. She never did anything with them the entire time she was away. June huffs and hides them under the bathtub.

They have a very special day planned. Everybody wants to celebrate the miracle. Nick arrives with a box of beverages and he locks eyes with June. She smiles.

Aunt Lydia makes a disgusting green drink for June and forces her to drink it very fast. She throws it back up on the table.

Later, there is a bullshit baby shower for Serena Joy. She's getting all kinds of baby gifts and even a stomach thing. Whatever that may be.

When the ladies mention the excitement of the first kick, June says she felt the baby kick for the first time the night before and shuts the women right up before a round of Praise bes.

The men are out shooting skeet and drinking booze.

They're talking about Canada. Fred wants to be special envoy and sent up north, as well. It's a blessing to have his house back in order. Blah blah. They all pray for a full-term pregnancy and a successful birth. Or, they shoot skeet to it.

Serena Joy is outside smoking in the backyard when Aunt Lydia interrupts for a little pep talk.

Mayday is done helping handmaids. After discovering that and that Laughlin's tongue was cut out after defending Janine, June is left to believe it's her fault Mayday stopped helping others like her.

The wives are in a circle holding some knotted leather. They are binding together June and Serena Joy.

June recalls her past, meeting Luke's wife for the first time. Annie asks June to back off to give them time to work on their marriage. Annie asks June to honor the vows they made before God even if Luke can't seem to think about Annie himself.

It's an age-old problem -- women thinking men cannot think for themselves and that other women steal them away.

When June gets home, Luke is screaming on the phone, screaming at Annie never to talk to June again, not to be a coward, that it's over and has been. June wonders if he was talking to Annie. No, leaving a voice mail.

June realizes he was still married when they met. Living together. Not separated. Luke assures June he loves her more than he ever loved Annie. Annie is trying to play on June's guilt and to drive a wedge between them. She doesn't matter to them because they're going to get married and be happy.

June recalls all of this as the shower winds down, as Serena Joy plays with the child's toys and June just watches.

When June mentioned her own shower and giving away half of her gifts, Serena Joy hauled off and smacked the shit out of Martha when she said, "why don't I just put some of these away?"

Serena Joy stomps into Fred's office to demand June leave the house. Fred wants to assure that's what she wants. He blah blahs at her and whispers sweet nothings. Think about the baby, you deserve this, Offred's nothing. He says it all to appease her so he can keep his family in order.

Aunt Lydia tries to console June while on a walk. She's not horrible. She does take June to the wall where the man who drove the bread delivery truck is hanging. The mother will redeem herself by being a handmaid. The boy will never see his parents again. Aunt Lydia says June chose the future for that family, and while she did stand in front of the truck demanding help, he is the one who helped in the first place.

God allowed such a terrible thing to happen to teach her a lesson, Aunt Lydia suggests. June did all of this. June is the bad person. Offred is free from blame. Offred doesn't have to bear June's guilt. Wow. Things are easy in Gilead.

When they return to the house, Offred, on her knees, asks to please be allowed to stay there, at home. She admits she's not ready yet, but wants to be given the opportunity to be good. Martha and Nick had to watch. Aunt Lydia says God will bless the house with peace. She has confidence in them all. They will find their way.

Back in her room, Offred remains, looking sullenly at the bed before her.

Serena Joy is smoking a cigarette in the baby's room, clearly not understanding what is best for the baby.

She later enters June's room and stands over her bed. She pulls down the covers and snuggles close to June so that she can touch and hear the baby. She says a bit of a prayer, tells the baby Mama loves you, kisses the womb from the outside and leaves. June never lets on that she's still awake.

June retreats to the closet where the words she once took comfort in feeling had been sanded off.

June recalls a time when she was in the public with baby Hannah and Annie saw her new family.

The next morning, June wakes up early and goes out to the sunrise. Nick tries to talk to her, but she walks past, ignoring his calls to June. She appears to have fallen prey to Offred. We've been sent good weather.

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

The Waterfords have kindly agreed to a trial run, as it were, and if you're a very, very good girl, you might even be invited to stay. You see, June will be chained in this room until she gives birth, and then June will be executed. Offred has an opportunity. It will be better for the baby.

Aunt Lydia

Aunt Lydia: I see you've eaten well, Offred. Third day in a row.
June: [A harsh grimace on her face] It's June. You know my fucking name.