Is Holly a Hostage? - The Handmaid's Tale
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Serena Joy is bathing the baby she's named Nicole.

June is in some sort of bunkhouse and milking her breasts like a cow. It's been a few weeks since she gave birth.

Several houses have made overtures for June. She's in high demand.

Fred is proud of Nick and what he did to protect June and the family.

Fred has already had a photo taken of his new family and flaunts it in front of Nick even knowing Nick is the father of that baby.

Serena counts the baby up to patience, service, and sacrifice, saying in the end it's all worth it. Eden should be so lucky or some stupid thing.

Rita shares with Serena Joy that the "supply" is running low because sometimes the "milk" runs low when the baby... and she drifts off.

Aunt Lydia is next shown taking June to see Fred who has the baby in the hopes seeing her will make June's boobs come alive.

Aunt Lydia suggests it would make more sense if Offred pumped for the baby at home when June's boobs come alive just seconds after seeing her baby. With tears in her eyes, she asks if she may be worthy.

Poor Nick is looking on the entire time with a horror filled look on his face.

Soon, June is back in her old room again.

Serena Joy and Fred argue again. When Serena Joy gets annoyed, Fred makes a statement about the calmness of the house that almost sounds as if it would be better for the baby if Serena Joy wasn't there.

Aunt Lydia has found another position for Emily with a Commander Lawrence. It's her last hope. When the Martha answers the door, she is without an eye. Perhaps he enjoys a magerie of less-than-stellar women. It's Bradley Whitford. He's not all that into the phraseology. He doesn't seem like other Commanders. Maybe like the hippie commander.

When he catches her reading a comic book on his desk, he wonders if she knows the penalty. A finger. Does she think that's fair? It's the law, she says. It used to be a hand back in the good ol' days, he replies. He'll be back in a minute.

June leaves her room when she hears the baby and sees Serena Joy singing to the baby. She take the milk downstairs to the kitchen.

Eden can't wait to breastfeed. June hopes she does someday. Eden wonders what if June had that chance, real love and the baby. June assures her she doesn't have to worry about her because she won't be around long.

Nick and June talk about the life they won't have raising Holly. Taking her to the beach, watching her eat sand. She won't do it because she's too smart, like her mom. In the middle of the moment, Fred reveals Guardian Isaac didn't show up for his shift this morning. Nick thinks they may have a situation.

Serena Joy won't have this kind of rancor around her girl. A girl who is crying nonstop. Most likely because she doesn't have her mother. The Handmaid's Tale doesn't do much for the world of adoption.

Serena Joy puts the baby in a basket and then closes the door and brings it up to her breast in the hope suckling on her empty teat will somehow help. The baby does it for a couple seconds, but is unfulfilled.

Serena Joy cradles the baby apologizing as she does.

The very thing about which Serena Joy once spoke, motherhood, she now denounces.

Fred and June talk in the kitchen. Fred admits he is very glad he made the reunion with Hannah happen for her. Then he wonders if that's all the thanks he gets. She says they could play scrabble sometime. That doesn't impress him too much, but he doesn't push it too far, either.

June fights off tears with her head held high.

Emily is cleaning up in her room and getting ready for bed when she hears the door creaking. It's another woman. It's Joseph's wife claiming that he did something terrible. The colonies. She said real people are digging up that dirt and how could he? She's traumatized about it, but she's unable to do anything about it but talk to the girls that come to the house.

After Joseph takes her into her room, Joseph asks Emily to "come" downstairs with him. Emily does as she is told.

He points to the table and tells her to sit. He returns tothe table with two glasses and a bottle of beer, pouring one for each of them. they value privace in the house. He wants her to understand.

Joseph knows everything about Emily but wants to know more. He wants to know her innermost secrets, how she feels about the things that have happened and what she's done along the way. He taunts her about not only losing her child, but about losing a part of her wondering if she knows how to be healed properly.

Eden has been found and brought back. Nick tries to save her by asking that she lie and say whatever she needs to say to be safe. He tries to explain that he's not angry nor is he sorry she's found love. He just wants her to be safe.

Eden is not unhappy about choosing love. She wants to remain pure in the eyes of God.

The neighborhood is gathered at a swimming pool. Eden climbs the ladder to the tall diving platform with Isaac. They have been found guilty of infidelity. If they confess their sins, all will be OK. Neither of them will do it. They are sentenced to death.

At the Waterford, June tries to comfort Nick, but he will not be comforted, walking away at her touch.

June walks upstairs and past the nursery where Serena Joy is sitting beside the crib. While she could walk by, she stops and asks her erstwhile friend if she's alright and is answered by a nod.

Serena Joy goes on to quote scripture and when the baby cries, June begins to move off to get a bottle. Serena Joy stops her, settling her into a chair in the nursery to nurse, instead.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Offred, your output is not as good as we would like. Seeing her might "prime the pumps" so to speak.

Aunt Lydia

The future is full of possibilities for both of us. I'm going to take care of you.

Fred [to Nick]