Going Into Labor - The Handmaid's Tale
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Emily is participating in the ritual. The man comes and falls to his death. His wife screams to Emily to get help, who only responds the chances are better if she lays on her back afterwards.

When the wife runs from the room, Emily kicks the man in the side and then stomps on his dick.

The next day at the market, the handmaids are speaking out of turn about Emily. June doesn't like it.

Eden is excited about making a sweet-crusted stew tonight. Isaac thinks that's great looking at her all gooey-eyed.

June appears to be going into labor, but she pushes it back.

June approaches Emily and tells her about Moira. Don't give up, you still have the chance to see your son again. Emily says she isn't his mother anymore. June wants to know what the fuck is wrong with Emily. At least her son is free with her wife.

June can't hold back the labor any longer.

June arrives at the house in an an ambulance and Nick walks her up to the house, Eden standing behing with an unhappy look on her face. Serena Joy comes running out spouting biblical verses.

June is happy that at least this is the last time she'll have to get into the Waterfords' fucking bed.

Aunt Lydia and the handmaids arrive, Janine leading them and greeting the baby joyfully.

The house is abuzz with activity. The Martha's are in one room while the husbands are in another and we can only assume the wives are still off somewhere else. Some fellow shows up and talks about how his handmaid has reached her expiration date and asks after Fred's, commenting on how Fred got a looker. Nick listens in with a flat look on his face.

In the women's room, Serena Joy's Kool-Aid glass is full. She's in white, with her tummy being rubbed, her feet as well, while she breathes out as if she is in labor, sporting a big smile.

Aunt Lydia interrupts her stupor. They rush out of the room, every one of them.

It was a false labor. Serena is outraged. June has a smug smile on her face and even Aunt Lydia had a sort of sly smile as she noted what had happened. Emily almost smiled.

Donny the Doctor says the cervix is closed and the baby isn't coming anytime soon.

The claws are all the way out with both women now and trading barbs will likely continue until the baby is born.

Later, June is walking in front of a Fred's office door. She wants to talk to him, get him to reconsider Serena's plans of moving her to a new district, changing her "scene."

Fred reacts much the same way Serena Joy did to June's requests. This time, though, June struck back.

The Waterfords spoke in the greenhouse about the false labor, Serena Joy unhappy June seemed happy about it and the doctor's refusal to induce. Fred thinks there might be ways the baby could come out sooner, and Serena Joy said she thinks the best way is the most natural way. Fred nods his head as if he knows what that means.

In her bedroom, June is talking to the baby. Rita sends her to Mrs. Waterford with an ominous, "I'll tell the baby about you."

June hesitates before going into see Serena.

The waterfords rape June in their fucked up attempt to get the baby out. They both have something against June, now. As she screams stop, Serena holds her down, a look of horror on her face. Instead of continuing to pound, Fred enjoys it and comes quickly.

June doesn't move from the bed after they leave. She puts her hands to her baby and rolls to her side.

Nick is inside his home, flicking his lighter. Rita is annoyed at the amount of trash the house wastes, and Eden takes out the trash as she is approached by Isaac. She smiles as she walks up to him and they each say, "Hi," before taking each other's hands and kissing.

Nick comes outside to smoke at that minute, spotting his wife enjoying a bit of time with the guard. She stops Isaac and runs to Nick and throws herself on her knees to beg forgiveness. Nick says, "Don't worry about it."

She wants to know why he doesn't care. That was her first kiss. Then Eden surmises it's the handmaid. He likes her. Why? She just wants to know. Nick says he would never get involved with a handmaid. It would be suicide.

She begins to bawl her eyes out. He asks her not to cry.

Fred visits June. He's planned a surprise for her. He thinks she'll like it.

He takes her to the car and gives Nick an address with the instructions to be back in three hours before Serena notices they're gone. He tells June she deserves this and kisses her on the forehead.

Nick tries to talk to June, but she's wary of everyone now and doesn't speak.

They arrive at a large house far away from anything else. Another vehicle is present. Inside, the furniture is covered. A man calls them to a room down the hall. "Ten minutes," he says. Inside is Hannah with her Martha.

June runs to the girl and showers her in kisses. The girl runs and hides behind her Martha. The woman tells Hannah they talked about who they were going to see today. Hannah's name is Agnes now. Does she remember her? Hannah wonders if it hurt when they hit her on the head and if they tried to find her. Why didn't they try harder? It must be the hardest conversation June would ever have. Hannah says, "It's OK. I have new parents now."

She's only been hit twice, June learns. When she was bad. Hannah already knows that June doesn't get to keep the baby she's having. Their conversation continues with June trying to stay strong for Hannah.

After Hannah leaves, a couple others drive up and shoot Nick, shoving him into the back seat and taking both vehicles leaving June alone and pregnant in the snow.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Serena Joy: We did it Offred, and this is the will of God and we rejoice and be glad in it.
June: No one knows the things of God.

Wife: Get help!
Emily: Chances are better if I lay on my back afterward.