Moira's "WTF" Look - The Handmaid's Tale
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June wonders about her decision as she runs through the wet streets. Will her girl know why she did what she did? Will she understand?

Someone tracks down June. It's Commander Lawrence. He thinks June is insane, but he'll take her now. It won't be too late. She wants him to take her to Commander MacKenzie's place to get Hannah. She reminds him he helped Emily. They could put him on the wall for that. Oh, he'll help her. She's spunky.

Serena Joy wakes up in front of the fireplace and goes upstairs. Her hand still wrapped, she traces the sides of the crib. Nick sits outside June's door.

Serena Joy enters to find Fred on June's bed. Fred wants her to call 911. Things are out of hand! Serena wants to give June more time. To get away. She neers in his face: I did what was best for my child.

Nick lights a cigarette and gives it to Serena. Praise be, he says, before walking away.

June is in front of MacKenzies' house. Leaving breath on the kitchen door, the Martha finds June. She warns her to be careful. June is upstairs near Hannah's room when the authorities arrive. She composes herself and crying, enters the room to whisper to her sleeping daughter. She loves her and will never leave her. But she is leaving her behind with only a string around her wrist.

In the hallway, June surrenders, hands in the air. "Don't scare her."

Mrs. MacKenzie asks the authorities to take June inside. She's not cruel to June, instead asking her to stop. Hannah had nightmares ever since the summer house.

June asks what she's like. She's happy. She sews and is a pretty good cook. She wants a dog and wants to get the shots. Maybe they'll get her a golden doodle, something hypoallergenic. The Commander doesn't like the idea, but Hannah is working on changing his mind. She's good at it.

The women stand face to face as awkward as it comes.

At home, Fred screams into June's face. WHERE IS SHE??? He screams that she killed them all. They will all be on the wall when they realize what's happened. They'll tear apart June.

Serena wants to know why June gave her baby to Offred, a murderer. June hopes that taking away her child feels the same way it did when Hannah was pulled from her arms in the woods.

The pair cries together and comiserates. June was supposed to protect their baby.

Drones are above the woods where Emily is running with the baby. The baby is squealing, but Emily darts into the river. Sirens blare overhead, but she hides under the bridge until she's swept away.

Emily makes it to shore, baby in her arms. Nicole isn't breathing. While crying above her, Nicole begins to cry.

A car pulls up. The guy wonders if she's OK and begins asking her about persecution in her country and asylum seeking. Yes, yes.

Serena is tending to her stump when Fred walks in to ask if she's OK. He's decided it will heal quickly.

Fred plans on telling a tale about the night. Serena doesn't want the protection. Fred says stupid things about driving Serena to desperation and being the master of a willful woman. He promises things will be normal soon, back to the way they were. Yay.

Serena gets dressed and pours the bottle of alcohol out in front of her. Onto her dress?

In her room, June notices something is off. She steps into the hallway with a concerned look on her face. Smoke is filling the hallway, and she scoops some of it into her hand before investigating.

Serena has set her bed on fire. She stands before it watching the flames attack the ceiling. June calls her name while Serena looks as if she's contemplating getting onto the bed. June takes her hand. They walk out of the room.June is watching the smoke as it gets sucked around the hallway. She feels the house shudder and smiles.

The Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays" plays as the house is consumed by fire.

Everyone stares at Emily as she walks through the hospital with Nicole. Dr. Chung wants to make sure they're both healthy, but Emily doens't want to let go of Nicole. They walk together and the hosptial cheers their arrival.

The house smolders in ruins as June sits on the sidewalk before it. Nick tells June to take care. He's going off with the Waterfords while she gets into a Handmaid's truck.

The MacKenzies may forgive her, but God requires penance.

Luke and Moira meet Emily and Nicole. Emily tells them June saved her life.

While scrubbing floors, June gets word the baby and Emily are safe. They made it.

After her hands are good and blistered, she also discovers she has a new posting. Off she goes to Commander Lawrence.


The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

June: The could put you on the wall. [pause] Even a commander.
Commander Lawrence: Spunky.

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Are you insane? You didn't get in the truck.

Commander Lawrence