The End of the Line - The Handmaid's Tale
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June is thinking about old lessons from Aunt Lydia as she waits. She is a tree. Blessed be the fruit and the lord is opening.

June's new handmaid shopping partner seems sarcastic.

The Americans are about to lose Chicago.

Corporate America is gone. That's not something the "right" would ever approve of.

June gets the wrong meat. A filet vs a steak. She thought it was better. Now they need butter for bernaise sauce.

Aunt Lydia is visiting. She needs a cane these days. She looks terrible.

Commander Joseph never thought he'd see Lydia back so soon.

Joseph's wife doesn't like being in the room with other living people. He lies about the Ceremony.

Lydia wonders why Mrs. Lawrence is so distressed. If there is something untoward going on, June need only say so.

Aunt Lydia is determined to see June's room, but she breaks down on the stairs. When June cares for her, Lydia has an outburst. June should be on the wall!

Aunt Lydia tattles on June. She was seen gossiping at Loaves and Fishes. That just won't do. Spare the rod, spoil the handmaid or something like that, Joseph says. When she's gone, he wonders aloud about the rod's voltage.

We check in with what's his name in Canada. Luke! He's not very interested in holding the baby or even being home, it seems.

Luke wonders when Emily is going to let her family know she's safe in Canada.

At the hospital, Emily speaks doctor while getting results. She has uterine fibroids and gets a referral for clitoral reconstruction. She has slightly elevated cholesterol. She's gobsmacked at how normal everything is in Canada.

If only diet and exercise fixed everything.

The Marthas are helping someone escape. June is very excited at the prospect. She hears two of them are new there and don't know how things work.

Joseph allows the chick to stay while she awaits exit, but he's not ready to lend a helping hand. More of a blind eye.

June dressed as a Martha stands out like a sore thumb for some reason.

Allison isn't going to Canada. She's going deeper in. With her chemistry background, she's valuable. She makes bombs.

Luke is drunk at dinner. He attempts to bring up Emily's wife in casual converasation, but Moira suggests he go get more potatoes.

After dinner at the Lawrence house, Allison arrives at the house, wounded. Cora lies to Joseph, while June tells the truth. Will that make a difference?

Joseph wants Allison out of the hosue. There is a knock at the door, and June works hard to scrub the blood off the wall.

Mrs. Lawrence arrives downstairs to offer the men something to drink.

She corrals Cora to help her. She eyes the blood and glares at June before asking Cora to please clean it and ushering June to help Allison.

The woman downstairs is writhing in pain and whimpering.

June is worried she's going to get them caught and get the entire network in the meantime.

June finally grabs her by the mouth to shut down the noise.

The Guardians are walking all over the house and finally out. It's too late. Allison is dead.

Commander Lawrence regrets taking in June and orders her to clean up the mess.

June and Beth are dragging the dead body in the yard when Commander Lawrence screams for Beth to return. June is on her own.

June buries the woman in the backyard. I'm sorry, but there's no way she's getting a hole that deep on her own in such a short amount of time.

Lawrence sends Cora away.

The baby is crying, and Luke checks in on her. Moira is a great caregiver.

Luke marvels that Moira always has her shit together. She assures him they're ALL fucked up.

June wakes to find Mrs. Lawrence planting on top of Allison.

Ofwhoever loves to gossip. She thinks the dead Martha deserves what she gets because she had a home and safety and she screwed it up.

Emily is continuing her medical appointments with a trip to the optomotrist.

With her new glasses, Emily calls her wife. Sylvia stops traffic.


The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Aunt Lydia: And the Ceremony? Our records show that OfJoseph's fertile time was last week.
Commander Lawrence: Yep. Aces. Praise be.

Commander Lawrence: I didn't figure I'd see you back in this house any time soon. You certainly bounced back, haven't you?
Aunt Lydia: Ah, Goddess. Merciful indeed.
Commander Lawrence: [to June] Lydia's here checking up on us.