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In the previously on segment, they merged Cmdr. Lawrence's quote about taking in June.

June finally wonders if she's being as smart as she needs to be while wondering if Cora is one of the Martha's hanging in the square.

There is a new gaggle of Marthas at the Lawrence house. They're getting the house ready for a Commanders' meeting. He's so powerful they have to come to him if he wants to meet with him.

Beth went to the square and didn't recognize Cora amongst the group. Commander Lawrence is testing them. They're all disposable.

During the meeting, Commander Waterford makes a beeline toward the dining room where he finds June. They chat about Serena and her well being.

June asks what he knows about Commander Lawrence. He's the visionary who was instrumental in the creation of Gilead. He admits he's always found him hard to read. It surprises June. Waterford says Lawrence is a survivor. He's not overly sentimental like Waterford. June says he wasn't sentimental but merciful. She admits that she will always be grateful. But can he tell her anything about Lawrence that she needs to know?

Lawrence arrives in the room taunting them gently and reminding June she is expendable.

Serena is at the beach with her mother. Mom's prayer circle is coming to the house today, and her friends want to see her. It's an honor. Serena arrived without clothing, so she must be in hiding.

Her mother enters the room to find her in the same old blue dress she's always wearing, but claps her hands together as if she looks stunning.

Lawrence wants June pouring the drinks in the living room. She spots Nick and gets to hear some of their bombing plans as well as Lawrence suggesting they move on from an area with fertile women and gets taken advantage of by Lawrence in his quest to prove women can be useful. While bowiing before him, June looks like she could kill him. It's a signature look of Elisabeth Moss.

Serena is staring out the window looking at the shore smoking a cigarette. Rita knocks. She's still with the Waterfords.

She made for Serena a sling for her pinkie.

When she joins the prayer circle, the prayer man puts her in the center of the circle and garbles on about husbands being the equivalent of Christ to their wives.

Later, Fred opines about his first days married to Serena. He's talking to Serena, but I don't think Serena is in the room. Ultimately, he offers to try to be a better husband. There is a naked girl in front of him who says it sounds good and asks if he'd like to run through it again.

It was a performance to win back his wife.

June knocks on Lawrence's door. He wonders if she thinks an accountant could make a good cook. She's preparing to treat him like a handmaid.

Commander Lawrence believes he cares more for Hannah than June does. He's replenishing the earth. All June ever did was edit esoteric books.

June remind him HE wrote esoteric books. It must be scary seeing the numbers on the spreadsheets turning into real people being executed all because they read his books. She says it must be hell being a man like that, worse than useless. She crashes into him with all of her allegations, but he doesn't rise to the challenge.

He says how tempting it is to create humanity for anyone at all and takes her for a drive.

They arrive at a warehouse where you can hear the backup noises of a truck. It's full of cages and covered in plastic.

Inside the cages are thousands of people. He tells her there will be no salvages. They're going to the colonies tomorrow. He requistions five to be Marthas. She gets to choose who is worthy of becoming a Martha.

The incessant taunting grows old. She doesn't want to be responsible for their deaths. He'll kill them all if she doesn't choose.

She refuses, returning to the car.

Serena stands by the seaside getting covered water. When she returns to her mother's kitchen, she lashes out. Why did her mother tell all of those people about her and her marriage? She wants her to go back to Fred. Her mother doesn't want to know how it was. None of it matters.

All the gifts she's been given, but she wants it just as she wants it. A spoiled little girl. There's no place for Serena in the world without Fred.

Serena's mother tells her to stop indulging in self pity. She gave that baby away, and it wasn't even hers. She'll just go draw Serena a hot bath.

Nick visits June.

He's a commander now. June wonders why he can't go get Hannah and get them out. What's he good for anyway? He's getting deployed to the front, Chicago. He wanted to say goodbye.

When he leaves the room, he waits outside the door. She opens it, and they grab each other's hands. She pulls him into the room and locks the door.

June has a visitor in the parlor. It's Serena.

Serena is crying. She needs to know how June stops thinking about Holly/Nichole every minute.

Serena doesn't feel confident about Holly anymore. June assures her that only a mother could do what she did.

June wants Serena's help to stop everything. She says they hate us. They are not on our side. If she's scared, she needs to use it. Maybe we're stronger than we think we are, June says.

June makes her choice. They have five new Marthas to join the resistence.

Serena removes her pinky sling and walks into the ocean.

June talks to her mom. They have their female society. It's not what she expected, but it's what she got.

Fred finds Serena on the beach.

June says women will lie in wait and get to know the men better than they know themselves, and then they better look out.


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The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

He's testing us. We're all disposable.


To be a man watched by women must be entirely strange. To have them watching him all the time. To have them flinch when he moves. To have them wondering, what is he going to do next? Does he like me? Will he keep me? Am I safe here? Cora wasn't.