Ceremony - The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 10
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Aunt Lydia brings June back home after her extended stay at the hospital with Natalie. She returns to find Commander Lawrence's house has been stripped of most of the decorations to meet the new regulations set forth by Commander Waterford. Beth informs her that the baskets of scones in the kitchen are a message from the network letting them know that they can not get any more medicine for Eleanor. Beth tells June that Eleanor has gotten worse and reveals a wound on her ear where Eleanor has thrown something and hit her. June asks Beth if she knows anyone that could assist her with getting children out of Gilead and Beth lets her know that she thinks it is a bad idea. June hears Eleanor screaming upstairs and when Commander Lawrence sees that June has returned he gives her a sardonic welcome home. She follows him to his office and notices the piles of books on the floor that have been removed from the bookcases. June tries to convince him to get a truck and get Eleanor out, but he insists that she is safe there. June attempts to get Alma on board with her plan, but she turns her down as well. An alarm sounds and the girls report for inspection. Fred and Serena show up with Commander Winslow in tow. Fred approaches June and offers to have her transferred to D.C. Commander Winslow questions Fred about the progress being made with the veils and rings for the Handmaids and Fred informs him they are rolling it out slowly. When June returns home she is informed that Commander Lawrence is not there as he goes out to meetings now. She takes the opportunity to look through his office for records, but is interrupted by Eleanor. June tells Eleanor her intentions and Eleanor shows her where the records are in the basement. June asks Eleanor about leaving Gilead and she tells her that Commander Lawrence is a war criminal so he would not be able to cross the border. Fred has a conversation with Commander Winslow about Commander Lawrence and his lack of discipline. As June is going through the records in the basement Beth approaches and informs her that she is wanted upstairs. June arrives to find that Fred, Serena, Commander Winslow, Aunt Lydia, and a doctor have all arrived to bear witness and ensure a ceremony takes place. Commander Lawrence tries to get by with pretending like they went through with it, but June informs him that a doctor is there to check her after it is over. Eleanor becomes extremely upset, but June calms her down. Commander Lawrence is hesitant, but June coaches him through it. The ceremony is performed and they return downstairs. Fred makes another attempt with June, but she brushes him off with a well deserved cruel comment. June finds Commander Lawrence drinking alone in the kitchen and he gives her a pack of contraceptives. He finally relents and agrees to help her get a truck and try to rescue the children; as long as she will get Eleanor out as well. June informs Alma and Janine that she has a truck and they agree to help. She returns home to find numerous baskets of muffins in the kitchen. Beth explains that is the networks way of saying yes they will help. 

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

June: You just treat it like a job. Try to detach yourself. See from the outside. You're not you, I'm not me. This is a transaction and then it's over.
Commander Lawrence: Are you sure?
June: Mm. It's easier if you close your eyes.

Commander Waterford: Are you alright?
June: Mm. I mean, at least it wasn't you.