June risk - The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 10
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Fred has been offered a plea deal, and June is invited to make statement to the court.

Mark says Fred will most likely be granted immunity and has proven his value as intelligence asset.

Fred will fly to Geneva, and Moira wants June to go there to give her statement in person.

June believes it's pointless as Fred will soon be free.

June tells Emily she wishes she could let go but can't.

June goes to see Fred, and he apologizes for some of what happened during her posting at the Waterford household.

June and Fred toast to Offred, and June is resolute in seeing Fred hanged on the wall.

June and Mark go see Commander Lawrence about trading Fred for 22 female members of the resistance.

Mark agrees to make the deal and releases Fred into Gilead's custody.

However, Nick and the Eyes then take Fred into custody, and Nick turns Fred over to June and the other former handmaids who hunt him down and kill him.

Serena is sent proof Fred is dead.

June goes home and hugs Nichole.

Luke sees her, all bloody and bruised, and she promises to leave soon.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Mark: Commander Waterford will in all likelihood be granted immunity in exchange for its cooperation.
June: So I should just get comfortable with the fact that he's going to get out. No matter what he did. No matter what I say.
Mark: No, I don’t expect you to be comfortable with this.
June: Is he everything you hoped for?
Mark: Absolutely. He’s already rewritten our understanding of the Gilead command hierarchy. He is proving to be an intelligence asset of great value. Yes.
June: You won’t be able to shut him up. Weak men, they do make the world go round.
Mark: I am on your side, Ms. Osborne,
June: I was a prisoner that Waterford would sometimes take out to fuck, and you're gonna set him free.

It has to look like love. That what he needs. Pretend you like it. Pretend you love it. Pretend you want it. He is your commander. Make him your whole world – your sun, your moon, all your stars. Make him believe because your motherfucking life depends on it. Don’t run. Don’t kick. Don’t scream. Don’t fight at all. Don’t fight.