Meeting Again - The Handmaid's Tale
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America is hoping to rescue 30 girls from the wive's school, which is housed in the US Air Force Academy building in Colorado Springs. June and Luke are meeting with the commander of the operation, who knows about her and Hannah. He's a father, and it appears the girls will be in good hands upon their rescue.

Mark says he will be watching the rescue via live feed, and June says they need to be there. After all, she provided the intel to make this happen.

Alanis is having photos taken of Serena and the baby to put in the fertility center. Serena wants to be there to greet them, and Mrs. Wheeler says, uh, no. Too many germs.

Alanis is very demanding and thinks that Serena should pump so that she can bottle feed the baby because he must miss it. OMG.

Serena is having a very difficult time playing the game.

Aunt Lydia is with Joseph, and they're waiting for Mrs. Putnam. I think he's going to propose marriage.

She doesn't appear to know why she's there, and it's awkward as hell. She begs not to be sent to the colonies, tears in her eyes. Joseph says she deserves an award for putting up with Mr. Putnam.

Aunt Lydia has to do all of the talking because he's so bad at it. When she asks if she has a choice, Joseph cracks that it's hurtful. Naomi looks like her head is spinning. Joseph listens to the end of the conversation between Aunt Lydia and Naomi, looking scared to death.

Serena knocks on Mr. Wheeler's door. He jokes, are you gonna shoot me? She does her best groveling act. She even says he's Gilead's future, and he says he thinks he's buttered up. She makes her plea to be there at the opening of the fertility clinic.

He says it's a nice pitch, and he's appreciative of her passion, so he'll consider it.

The operation is on, and June's very hopeful.

The girls are in a large room with individual tents, learning from a woman named Aunt Paula. Hannah prays in her tent, looking at a picture book where she has a drawing hidden. She signs it in the bottom -- Hannah. She's her mother's daughter, for sure.

Something goes wrong. The operation collapses, and Mark rushes June and Luke out of the room. The girls are safe and still at the school. Gilead anticipated the mission and moved the anti-aircraft systems, taking all three planes down as soon as they crossed the border. There are no survivors.

June and Joseph have an honest, brutal conversation that leaves June killing a bush. Luke runs to her, grabbing her in his arms. She wants him to let her go. Please.

Serena got permission to attend the opening, and Mrs. Wheeler goes out to the car and smacks the shit out of her. Stay away from her husband. She says Serena is just a whore.

June visits Mark. He says they shouldn't have trusted those sources. She says Gilead was always one step ahead. She's so done with that son of a bitch. June is full speed ahead with her anger, wanting to go to the mat to avenge the soldiers.

Mark asks about Nick. He says that he asked Nick to be his man here with immunity and wonders if June could persuade him. If Nick defected, it would be a big impact. Mark urges her to use her power, if not by herself then by trying to recruit Nick.

Serena is charming women, and the Wheelers decide that Noah is the star attraction, once again negating the fact that without a woman, there is no baby.

Serena considers running again.

Serena doesn't hesitate. She just runs out the back door trying to get someone to stop. She gets a woman to stop and asks for her help saving her son. Serena is in the wind.

June arrives at the destination to meet Nick. He wishes she's said yes to Joseph's offer, and she counters with the same. He won't leave without Rose. June tries to use the handmaid situation as a factor, but Rose is already pregnant. Nick and June still love one another.

At Rose's house, the women are wishing her well. The women are catty and it sure doesn't look like Rose is as happy as Nick thinks she is.

Joseph is entertaining a handful of commanders, who are patting themselves on the back for defending Gilead.

Commander MacKenzie wants to fix the June Osborn problem, but Joseph does his best to get out of addressing it. Joseph walks directly to Naomi, putting his hand on her shoulder. He needs this.

Mark is leading a memorial service for the Americans killed in the operation, and the Canadians are out in force protesting them. The soldier's daughter, Emma, is there to say the pledge of allegience, but with all of the commotion, she's flustered, so June says it with her, and everyone joins in. Shots ring out, and June dives on top of Emma.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Serena: Praise be.
Mr. Wheeler: Oh, yeah.

Naomi: He had Warren killed in front of me.
Aunt Lydia: Which he's willing to overlook. So should you.