There for Each Other - The Handmaid's Tale
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A random nutter who was never in Gilead accosts June and Nichole in the park, and the woman calls her a whore, saying June doesn't deserve her.

June and Luke are talking with a woman who may be a therapist about the incident. June cannot believe it's her life at this point, and nobody can assure her that things won't get physical in the future.

Mark is still hanging out with Serena trying to get her to accept help. She's not interested, and Mark officially releases her from American custody.

Serena gets a new escort named Ezra Shaw in an arrangement made by Gilead. Once again, Mark tells Serena to step carefully because she's not in Gilead anymore. This is a free country.

Mark visits June and Luke, and Luke cannot believe that he was right next to Hannah and did nothing. Mark reveals the news about Serena's return and her new position in Toronto. Finally, it seems like Luke and Moira understand how Mark let this happen. Mark thinks Serena is limited. June knows better. Luke is going ballistic, but June knows it won't matter.

June heads to the yard and grabs her gun. The dirt on it hinders its functionality, and June struggles to engage it. June arrives at and sits outside of Serena's new residence, unnerving her.

June tells Luke she drove to Serena's building. All she can think about is shooting Serena in the head, and she doesn't know how to stop herself from doing it.

Luke hopes to use building codes and city council to shut down Serena, but June knows better. Luke's not even beyond realizing that June just may shoot Serena in the head, and he wants her to let him try his way first.

In Gilead, Janine is struggling with her recovery. Aunt Lydia is trying to help, but Janine is in a lot of pain. The last thing Janine wants to hear is bible verses. Janine is surprised that Aunt Lydia is so angry at Esther. Janine warned Aunt Lydia about how troubled Ester was, having been abused. She's a little girl. Janine finally laughs. Why didn't you just pluck her eye out?

Serena checks in with Lawrence with news that efforts in South America have stalled and political wives mumbo jumbo. She wants to hold a tea. He says that Venezuela is interested in their female educational efforts.

The conversation turns to June, and Serena equates June to a child stomping her feet. Lawrence suggests she focus on work, given how that "child" has been known to misbehave.

June is gardening, running her fingers through the dirt. Inside, a note has come to June, addressed to Offred. It's an invitation to the opening of the Gilead Information Center.

June is upset that Luke is forgetting that his method didn't work the last time. Moira agrees with Luke. She says if they don't follow the rules, they'll get sent away or resettled. June wonders if this is just who she is now. Moira doesn't worry about June with Nichole anymore, and that's not nothin', she says.

Luke visits Serena. Ezra doesn't want her to chat with him. Serena plays it off as a friendly chat between old acquaintances.

Serena decides that Luke should be patted down again in front of her. Luke's eyes darken. Luke goes to her with building codes. Oh my God. The conversation goes south quickly.

Aunt Lydia visits Commander Lawrence. He needs Gilead to be running smoothly, given the increased worldwide scrutiny. He turns down her idea to reform the handmaid system.

June is armed and ready outside of Serena's place as Serena gets photographed for who knows what. There is a battle raging, and when a man punches a woman, June draws her gun and shoots it into the air. She's seconds from shooting the guy when Luke emerges from the shadows. They've got to move. Moving puts them on a collision course with Ezra and Serena, but June holds back her anger, and Serena flees.

Janine is back in her garb, leaving the hospital. Neither Janine nor Aunt Lydia looks particularly pleased about it. Aunt Lydia admits she should have listened to Janine and asks for her help watching out over them to tell her when any of them are struggling. Janine is reticent. Aunt Lydia will just do something terrible. Aunt Lydia promises to do things differently, with compassion.

Aunt Lydia says God tests them but rewards the most righteous. The others welcome Janine back warmly.

Luke asks to see June's gun, and she complies. He holds it, points it, and looks it over, impressed with how she cleaned the gun. June can hardly believe it. They're finally on the same page, and it ignites their passion for one another.

They make love while Serena goes to her new home. Serena enters, and Ezra remains outside. She's greeted by a woman named Alanis, aka Mrs. Ryan Wheeler. Alanis falls to her knees in front of Serena, who has a troubled look on her face.

June starts a fire in the backyard and sets her invitation on fire.


The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm not an American citizen. My allegiance is to God.


Luke: You were just protecting Nichole.
June: I went a little past protecting.
Luke: How past?
June: Just past.