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June is dreaming of swimming with sharks when she gets a call about a guardian with news. They head out and run into protestors.

Serena would like to speak with Mr. Wheeler, but Ezra says he's usually pretty busy.

Mrs. Wheeler is making a large breakfast for Serena every morning. She's got nothing but praise, calling those who don't follow Gilead's ways small-minded and shelfish.

Serena plans on forging foward with the Gilead center.

Lily says that Canada is trying to get rid of them as they've clearly worn out their welcome. But they're never done fighting and have no intention of giving up.

As it stands, there is a friendly just over the border who needs to cross, but they have no way to make it happen. Luke is going to cross. He cannot allow everything about Hanna to be so close. June is pleased with his reaction, and she will go with him.

They've got to go across the scrubland to no-man's land and meet the rendesvous point by morning. No names are to be exchanged. Moira can tell Luke is nervous and hugs them both goodbye.

June has visions of her abduction, when she and Hannah were first separated from Luke.

Moira is visibly distressed about them heading out together. Lily hands her a bottle of booze and asks about June and Luke. Moira says they don't quit. For all the shit they've been through, they just keep fighting for each other.

When Lily wonders why anyone would want to go to Detroit, Moira laughs. She's from Detroit.

Luke and June run into a body hanging in the woods with a sign saying rapist, which further unsettles Luke.

Serena is going down to breakfast again. People are waiting for her in the dining room. They speak of her in a revered tone. Praise bes all around.

Seeing Serena pregnant gives them hope and strengthens their faith. Serena is in her element.

She remembers walking with Mrs. Putnam, looking at the children in a very white and stark environment. They was poetic about how they need good homes and good families to raise them in God's light.

At this point, they hadn't yet had handmaids. She believed that God would bless her and Fred and spare them that indignity.

Luke and June arrive at the rendevous point. A man with large gun screams raspberry. June responds beret. He wants them to follow him. It's not safe. But June and Luke don't feel safe to follow. They do anyway.

Serena offers for Mrs. Wheeler to participate on her call with Gildead, but she chooses not to because wives shouldn't be a part of all that stuff.

Warren is there with Joseph, which shakes both Joseph and Serena. Warren isn't pleased with her performance so far. She won't be blamed for her government's actions and thinks someone should do something about June and her husband.

Serena wants to squash the Gilead reference and focus instead on fertility. Joseph thinks it's a good idea, but Warren slams the phone on her. Warren also doesn't like Joseph's plan for New Betheleham, which includes welcoming back those they kicked out or something. Warren wants to keep the walls up and the borders closed. Joseph says if they do that, Gilead will die and it will all be for nothing.

Warren laughs at Joseph before leaving, saying Joseph is welcome to try swaying the other commanders with another of his speeches.

Luke and June follow Raspberry into a dark building. it feels like a trap, but it's a bar and bowling alley. What the fuck, June asks. There's even a disco ball.

Raspberry has news about the plums, the wives in training. They are treated like princesses and moved through quickly so they are matched quickly. Hannah is only 12.

Raspberry gives them a flash drive with as much information as they have available and head out. Raspberry says they need to hang tight until sunset because it's not safe.

So, they play a few games while they wait. A game consists of throwing everything down two lanes and then setting up the pins again. June worries, surprised that nobody ever hears him.

Raspberry says that everything from before is foggy, like a dream. Gilead is all he knows. He says it's not so bad, and June points out that he's working to bring it down. People should be able to do whatever they want, he says.

Raspberry finally reveals his name. It's Jaden. When Jaden runs to get some beer, June wonders where he got it. Then David pops onto the synthesizer to play Oh Susanna before playing Let's Stay Together.

It's a very sweet moment that doesn't feel like it will last.

Then Luke asks June to dance. Jaden asks if Luke wrote that song. Yes, yes I did, Luke says.

Meanwhile, well wishers keep arriving to share things with Serena, but she's not allowed to visit with any of them because of Mr. Wheeler's strict instructions.

That interaction reminds Serena of the first time she met with Aunt Lydia about her fertile handmaids and picking one for the house.

Mr. Wheeler finally visits with Serena, and he comes with followup information on her proposal. They're going to move forward with the fertility center. That's also when she discovers that the plan will rule on without her for the most part.

Her baby has to come before anything else, They can't have her running around the city. Then he gives her some supplements and makes her take it right before him. Make sure to take on every day, he says.

Her request for a cell phone is also snuffed, and she's left alone for the evening.

As Jaden is taking Luke and June across the border, he steps on a landmine and blows himself to bits. He's writhing on the ground screaming, his right leg gone. He keeps telling them they need to run. Run. They want to stop the bleeding, but the calvary is on the way. They take off running but are quickly hunted down in the middle of the scrub. They're caught and dragged away from each other.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

We can't let a few simple rules get in the way of God's will, can we?


Luke: Oh, shit. Holy shit. Oh my God. Is, is that, uh, is that Gilead?
June: Gilead doesn't use words.