June Looking Juneish
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June washes Fred's blood from her body.

She's recalling the beauty of hunting and killing Fred.

Perched on the side of the tub, it looks like she's lost her marbles. She's making faces, but nobody else is in the room.

Before she gets to shower, Luke knocks on the door. She has merely washed her hands, but she's done it on the baby's washcloth.

Luke and Moira are scared shitless. Whose blood is that?? June finally reveals her secret. By her hand, she says to a traumatized Moira.

She gets in the car to leave, Luke and Moira unable to stop her from leaving.

Nick arrives home. Blessed morning, he says to his lame wife. They exchange bible verses by way of greeting. Eden didn't want to wake the Martha, so she made coffee herself. She asks after June if what she needed to do was done. Yes.

They almost have a moment of the closeness of the kind that Nick used to share with June, but Eden scurries away from the table to fetch milk for his coffee.

Serena Joy is doing yoga in the sunshine. She's interrupted by the military. She's being moved to a more secure facility. They're not interested in rational discussions.

Serena Joy is greeted by Marsha McFadden from the prison. She's delivering the bad news that Fred is dead. They're worried that someone may want to hurt her, too.

Serena Joy remembers dancing with Fred at a function of some sort.

June meets two other handmaids are a diner. The waitress is rather abrupt, but June drinks the juice quickly. The girl across the table pushes pancakes toward her. June is very happy, devouring her breakfast. They're all eating like they've never seen food before.

June finishes off her breakfast with a strawberry shake. The others can't wait to take on her mistress next. June looks down at the glass, which is covered in blood, recalling a torrent of blood being washed off the steps near the wall.

One of the women has a trunk full of artillery. She wants to kill Mrs. Radcliffe, which requires them to return to Gilead. She's hoping for Nick's help. June wonders where Emily is. They all tore apart June's monster, and they want their turns to have their monsters turned apart.

June is trying to be logical, but she's doing it cruelly, and Vicky pulls a gun on her. The other woman is Shane. Vicky wonders if June is there for any of them like they were for her. June doesn't know, angering Vicky, who raises the gun, exploding it into the air five times. They have to scatter quickly.

Mark visits Serena Joy to deliver the news. It gets ugly fast. He reveals that Fred's left ring finger was cut off. She says it wasn't Gilead. It was June Osborne. Mark doesn't believe it. Serena Joy says he has no idea what June is.

When June visits Emily, she discovers from Sylvia that Emily returned to Gilead. She went back to fight, to find Aunt Lydia if she can. June wants to fix it, but Sylvia calls her off. Emily is gone for good. She considers herself lucky to have had Emily back at all, and she won't tell June should she ever hear from Emily again.

June realizes she still has blood on her hands. She tries scrubbing it off. Afterward, she heads to the lake and baptizes herself in the fresh water. She remembers clinging to Hannah, ever so briefly, before someone wonders if she's OK, shaking her out of her reverie.

Luke finds June, who is shaking her head. She's ruining his fucking life. He says that Emily returning to Gilead is fucking insane. But June feels Gilead pulling her. He's got her back now. Let's go. Luke says she did nothing wrong. Fred got what he deserved. June says he didn't see it. He has no idea. And worse, she loved it. She's turning herself in, and he's alarmed. She won't wait for the boots on the stairs.

June says it was all her. She doesn't pin any of the guilt on any of those with her. She gets no punishment for the murder, but she's charged with transporting the finger. A fine of $88 applies. She doesn't have $88, but she can pay online. June is stunned and leaves the station, walking into Luke's arms.

Serena Joy visits Fred's body. She's still remembering the good times like a total cluck. Mark joins her. Serena wants Canada to reconsider their capital punishment laws but gets the bad news that June isn't being tried. She wonders how they'll keep her safe because look what June is capable of.

When they get outside, there are many people holding a candlelight vigil for her. It's nauseating. Canada has just become home to the Gilead ways.

Serena demands that she take her husband home to Gilead the next day for his funeral. She's feeling emboldened due to the outpouring of support.

When June and Luke get home, he wants to get June a drink. Moira says June isn't fine. Gilead would have killed Fred. She just wanted to do it with her own fuckin' hands. Luke is taking the fuckin' win, he says.

You couldn't possibly give June enough wine after the last 24 hours. June can't let it go. She's wondering why Emily went back to Gilead. Moira needs to give Nichole a bath, but June wants to do it. Moira doesn't feel comfortable with it. It scares her. Good, June says. Her too. Moira says she scares her. Me too, says June. She thought she'd be in jail. But she's not. She tells Moira she loves her, and Moira returns the sentiment.

June isn't doing well. She needs to drink that wine. But Mark is at the house. She wonders if he's here to arrest her or something. He did hear that no charges would be brought. She apologizes for playing him. She wonders what Serena said when she found out about Fred. Mark says she was scared, but scared can be dangerous. June says she will always be dangerous. He says she scared Gilead, as well. He doesn't think they'll be able to let a handmaid killing her commander stand.


The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Serena Joy: I'd like to see my husband's remains.
Mark: I'll have to see if that's possible.
Serena Joy: I just lost him. Do you people have any decency at all? Any scintilla of grace? Where were you? Did something happen to Fred's plane?
Mark: No. There was a change in Commander Waterford's itinerary. He wasn't on his way to Geneva.
Serena Joy: Where was he?
Mark: The United States government made a deal with the Gilead government. Last night, he was involved in a prisoner exchange at the border.
Serena Joy: So you sent him back to be killed.
Mark: They agreed to try him under the Gilead system of justice. I delivered him safely. I don't know what happened to him after that.
Serena Joy: You know eg, you knew exactly what would happen to him!
Mark: No.
Serena Joy: And I'm sure you got your 30 pieces of silver, no doubt!
Mark: I traded Fred for 22 political prisoners! Women your government sent to die in the colonies! My job right now is to protect you and your baby.
Serena Joy: From whom?! You were responsible for Fred's death!
Mark: Fuck's sake. Serena J- Two things arrived at the ICC detention center in an envelope addressed to you this morning.
Serena Joy: It's his wedding ring.
Mark: Serena, they also sent a finger, a severed finger.

Everything tastes better when Fred's dead.