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June is in the garden when she gets a package delivery. She takes the package into the house and oepns it. It's a bullet proof vest. There's another memorial service this weekend, and June will be doing a prayer. Luke gets it. She's got to be safe.

The commanders are meeting again. Nick wants to talk with Joseph about the shooting. He says she's not a target. Joseph says well, she could be. Joseph says their currently policy isn't to target ex-citizens for execution. Nick isn't happy with that conversation.

The handmaids are scrubbing the floors on their hands and knees. They're scrubbing every inch of a room from top to bottom. Janine begins singing, and everyone joins in. Aunt Lydia hears them and a smile transforms her face.

She says there's no problem with joyful work, but she'd prefer a more appropriate hymn.

Another Aunt says that people have begun to notice her charity toward Janine. She's got to find a post for her. Aunt Lydia proposes that Janine accept her back into life. Janine says no, and Aunt Lydia clears the room to talk further.

She says that she thinks Joseph is trying to project a new image, and accepting Janine into their homes will complete the picture. Naomi would be the model of forgiveness and grace. Gilead needs women like her at the helm.

Every time June is in front of a window, I imagine her getting shot in the head. The threesome is in the kitchen when Mark arrives, waking up Nichole.

The gunman was apprehended. He's an angry man with a gun. Nothing unusual about him, and if he had ties to Gilead, they will find them.

Mark has been to 19 funerals in nine days. June knows what it's like to be responsible for people and then lose them.

Outside in the street, June looks around at life going on. Everyone in the vacinity is moving.

As June walks down the street, an SUV follows her slowly and runs her over. First, it knocks her to the ground and then it runs over her arm, returning to run her over again when Luke drags the guy, who had a rifle, from the street.

Someone is there to escort Luke to the police station for questioning.

Nick is walking across a bridge to meet Mark. The music is reminiscent of the heavier episodes of The Leftovers.

Aunt Lydia goes to Janine to deliver the news. Janine doesn't want to be posted, even if it means being reunited with her daughter.

Nick and Mark are at the hospital. Nick thinks it's better if June doesn't know he was here, but Mark leaves him with some privacy to see June before Luke returns.

Mark has a contract for Nick to sign. Mark says he'd trust Nick with his word, but Nick says he's not sure that it's any good at this point. He's made a deal to exchange information with the US for June's safety. Mark wonders why Nick never ran with June, and Nick says June didn't need him, he was nothing. Mark disagrees.

Luke got a gun. They've got to protect themselves because the police hate refugees, too. Luke says this is not going to be like Boston. She says that wasn't his fault, but he's not going to let anyone hurt her.

The sound on this episode is fantastic.

It's Joseph and Naomi's wedding day, and Naomi meets with Janine for a tense conversation that requires Janine to be on her best behavior. In the end, Naomi asks her to be a part of the household photos.

A Martha tells Janine about June being injured, calling them fuckers.

Things are going well, until Naomi calls Janine OfJoseph and Janine rips into her.

June dreams about the guy revving the truck's engine. When she wakes up, people are arguing in the kitchen. Rita thinks Luke is underreacting to the situation. June asks what happened, and Rita says her friend is a policeman and heard an alert. Mr. Thorpe, the man from the truck, died. He killed a Canadian on Canadian soil and they will arrest him for murder.

Luke is ranting about how little he cares when June says they have to run. They waited last time. They waited too long and didn't see how much they hated them. They have to run to save themselves. They're in the driveway when Mark arrives.

He says they cannot fly out. The airport will be flagged. They're putting American refugees on trains to go west. Mark says he can get them on one of them.

Nick slugs Joseph. He says he could have killed her. Joesph says it wasn't his decision. Aunt Lydia is crying in front of Janine, who squandered her opportunity. She wants Janine to beg for mercy. They eyes are here for Janine. She's under arrest. Commander Lawrence gave the order. They muzzle her and take her away.

Aunt Lydia follows them to the van, and they shove her to the ground. There is another girl in the van sobbing. Janine reaches out to her.

The train station is hopping. People from all over are there to leave. Mark has given them fake refugee cards to ensure that they aren't flagged. June asks Mark to get a message to Nick that she and Nichole are safe.

The imagery here is terrifying. They're checking papers. Luke sends June and Nichole first, saying he'll follow.

They're looking for Luke, showing other passengers his photo. Luke calls her. She's got to get on the train. She doesn't want to leave him, but Luke begs for her to get on the train.

Luke turns himself in, and June gets on the train, sobbing.

Nick has been locked up. Rose visits, anger in her eyes. She wants to know why he pretended to love her. A good man wouldn't leave his pregnant wife every time his girlfriend calls.

June talks to Nichole about going to Hawaii when she hears another baby on the train. It's Noah. Serena and June lock eyes. Serena is happy to see June, asking for a diaper.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Nick: She has people who care for her. She doesn't need me. I'm nothing.
Mark: No, you're not, Commander. Not to her.

I hate this world. I love you, though.