Comforting Nell - The Haunting of Hill House Season 1 Episode 6
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The night before Nell's funeral, the Crain family and Kevin gather at the funeral home to pay their respects to Nell on a stormy night. Stories are shared and both Theo and Steven drink too much. When Steven confronts Hugh about withholding information from them their whole lives, it causes Shirley to lash out at him for exploiting their stories for money.

It is then revealed to Shirley that Theo took the money Steven had offered from the profits of the book and Kevin did as well behind Shirley's back. Later, Luke confronts his dad over what he believes happened to Nell. Steven and Hugh then begin to argue in the funeral parlor and Hugh reveals that he believes the house killed Nell. As they are arguing, the casket falls.

In the past, the flashbacks show a stormy night at Hill House in which the lights go out. While everyone is assembling flashlights, Nell goes missing. While searching for her, Olivia encounters a ghost-like figure in a wheelchair and then she enters into a trance-like state as Hugh follows her through various hallways. 

Eventually, she returns back to herself and she and Hugh hear the children screaming downstairs. The kids tell them that a dog got into the house and when Hugh goes to investigate, Nell reappears. She reveals that she was there the whole time yelling and screaming but no one could see her. 

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The Haunting of Hill House Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Most of what people say at a funeral is a wish. They're at peace. They're in a better place. They're smiling down on us. People just wishing out loud.


It's not as bad as it is in your head. But she doesn't look like she's sleeping. So forget that.