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Mayor Adams' campaign and possibilities for election sink lower after his waterfront project unearths a burial ground.

Mitch fires Belko after she learns that Stan contacted Janek Kovarsky. She refuses to bail out Stan, but Terry decides to do it instead.

Linden and Holder discover that Rosie opened a bank account into which she had been depositing large sums of money. She was also connected to a high end escort service known as Beau Soleil.

This leads the detectives to Terry, who supplied Rosie with her ID. She also worked for Beau Soleil.

Linden and Holder learn that a man who used the Beau Soleil service asked if one of the girls if she ever thought about what it would be like to drown. This man went under the name "Orpheus."

After hearing a description of one of the men who met with Beau Soleil girls, the police begin to suspect Tom Drexler as the killer and "Orpheus."

Linden goes to warn Richmond to stay away from Drexler.

Linden learns that the messages she sent to "Orpheus" arrive on Richmond's email. Gwen learns Richmond connection to Rosie through the photos given by Mayor Adams. Holder learns of Richmond after attempting to meet with a girl from Beau Soleil.

Richmond finds Linden on his computer and confronts her.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Yeah, you're a real role model. You teach her how to shotgun a beer?


This is not your problem anymore. You're fired.