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Detective Linden reluctantly agrees to stay through the end of the week working on the Larsen case, despite her fiance's irritation with her continued stalling. 

Day three of the investigation of Rosie Larsen's death has Detectives Linden and Holder tracking down the only witness to what happened in the Cage. The school janitor saw Kris Echols in the school basement with Rosie along with someone he identifies as "El Diablo." Questioning Echols yields no new information, but a cell phone confiscated by a school teacher has some damning evidence - a video of Jasper (in a devil mask) and Kris having sex with Rosie in the Cage.

Councilman Richmond is bombarded with questions from the press about his possible involvement in Rosie's death, which leads to the loss of Councilwoman Yitanes's support. He finds evidence that his campaign manager, Jamie, leaked the information about this endorsement to the press and, despite Jamie's denials, fires him. Richmond regains Yitanes endorsement by compromising his morals and offering a lucrative building contract to her husband.

The Larsens continue to grieve the loss of Rosie. Mitch, her mother, seems the hardest hit by the tragedy as she slowly disconnects from her family.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Everybody's playing both sides no Darren. It's the name of the game.

Jamie Wright

Linden: Let go of the idea that you have some B.S. detector.
Holder: How do you I don't have one of those?
Linden: Cause you dress like Justin Bieber and eat pork rinds for dinner.